New beginning – New challenge!

n ew beginning

New beginning is like a new challenge! When I thought of starting my own blog, the biggest challenge was to decide the topic to begin with. As a thinking and observing individual, many thoughts started coming together but I could not freeze on a particular topic for the new beginning.

There are times when too many choices also spoil you. And today the world offers you too many choices. And at times, this becomes a hindrance rather than help at the time of any new beginning.

While it makes expressing oneself and reaching out to the world easier. Though it gives good exposure but, on the flipside, the whole world becomes your competition. Your every move is noticed. One wrong move and you can be written off forever. And today’s world is all about perception and image-building.

Creating the right image is the biggest challenge for any new beginning!

I went through multiple blogging sites and read tutorials on blogging and after spending much time and not really learning anything new, I sat down to write my first blog, this blog, and decided to share my apprehensions.

I am still not thinking if I should write on food, travel, history, entertainment or should combine all of them together. While I can write on all the topics, but I do not want to create the impression of being ‘the jack of all trades’. Also to write something new is another challenge because there are too many bloggers and articles coming out on daily basis that beating competition is next to impossible. And the market is ruthless. Also holding people’s attention is not easy as today the people are in ‘switching’ mode.

Therefore creating the right impression is very important to market oneself. Gone are the days when people believed in reality. Today it’s the ‘perception of reality’ that rules the world.

And that brings me to square one once again… where to begin!

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