Building’s Color decides its Character

A Building’s Color is powerful enough to decide its Character!

If you ever thought that color schemes and trends are followed only in the fashion industry, this will be an eye-opener for you. A building’s color has the power to define its character.

Well, we realised this lately when we got our house painted. From a boring white and grey, we went to a vibrant barley and terracotta.

But what we didn’t know then was that along with colors, we also invited interesting comments and feedback. Interestingly, our house suddenly became a temple or an inn, thanks to the building’s color. And that is when we realized that there is an unwritten color palette. And one needs to stick to it when choosing colors for different types of buildings.

Color can define the type of a building!

A slight variation in the tone of building’s color too can give it a new meaning. The red on a government building will be different from a temple red or a house red. The grey of a corporate office will be different from the grey of a residence.

And there are trends too in color schemes which changes with time. If the white colored houses were in fashion a few years ago, cream and brick red or subtle browns or grays could be in fashion today.

The color of a house also defines the taste and personality of the people living in it, whether they are modern or conservative, rich or medium-income, and so on.

In fact in certain regions the color of the house can also define the caste or community of people inhabiting it. For instance, bright yellows and greens are usually associated with Tamil houses and subtle shades with French houses in Pondicherry.

From being a convenience, the colors have become such an integral part of our lives that they are ruling our choices and decisions today.

Further looking around, I found out the deep penetration of colors in our lives. There is a color code for everything and we follow it without questioning. A black and yellow car will always be called a taxi, white number plate means personal car, and traffic lights have specific meanings, and so on. And to top it all, Girls and boys have been divided in pink and blue worlds respectively. In fact, the presentation and colors of food play an important role in building an appetite.

Not far is the day when we all will bow to the color and say – ‘Hail Color’!

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