Food Trucks – New-Age Food Joints

food trucks
New-age food trucks

Food Trucks are fast becoming the new-age food joints!

Being a foodie, I am always on the lookout for new food joints, cuisines and dishes. Off late the experimentation in food industry has got a new meaning – experimenting with décor of food joint, creativity in menus and big fancy names and explanation for the dish and of course innovative social media marketing techniques. And, food trucks are the new entrant in the market, or should i rather say, re-entrant!

Food Trucks with a seating

While surfing through Facebook, I came across a post talking about Food trucks. Since it was a new concept, it caught my attention. But as I read the article I realized it was nothing but the revamped Chinese-food vans that were quite popular few years ago. In fact few of them can still be spotted. There is one in Defence Colony Market and another in Kalkaji that are quite popular.

The food trucks go back in history as early as late 1980s. In 1866, Charles Goodnight a Texas cattle rancher, fitted a sturdy old United States Army wagon with interior shelving and drawers, and stocked it with kitchenware, food and medical supplies.

So what is the difference between food truck and vans?

Nothing much except the cuisine! As the name goes Chinese vans serve Chinese food, where as Food truck offer a variety of specialty cuisine and ethnic menus.

Oh, I forgot, there is another major difference – Food truck is an international concept. Its being implemented in India after Food Truck dining caught on in several U.S. and Canadian cities. Food vans came into existence as early as 1940s in India. But like all things Indian which gain popularity in India after an international stamp, revamped food vans are back with a bang as food trucks and have become the talk of the town. Being a pocket-friendly food option has added to their popularity.

food trucks
Food Trucks have been revamped today… for good

What caught my fancy were the books on food truck startups. They were being sold at a huge price. This reaffirmed the fact that this is going to be the new way in food business.

So, time to check out the new-age food trucks of India with the hope that the quality of food is also at par with international standards. times are changing and so are the food trucks, just like other aspects of life.

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