Music of Photography – Fest for Life

Have you ever seen a fort shining in its full elegance during a pitch dark night…?

A Music fest and a historical monument makes a beautiful combination for a cultural event. With a play of lights and play of melody, this is food for soul! And the experience stays with you for life.

Attending a Music Fest at the beautiful old fort in Delhi is an experience that continues to stay with me even after many years. Its not just an event but an experience.  The synergy of the lovely live music, backdrop of historical monument, play of lights and the energies of audience creates an ambiance that transports you into a different world.

The entire experience came back to me when I was recently backpacking across Europe and visited many castles, palaces, forts, other ancient structures and museums. While walking through them and seeing some of the photos of these places in their full glory, I found myself thinking what an apt backdrops these will be for cultural programs showcasing their tradition and art. Later I found that some of these places are open for cultural fests. Its a great way for a country to show its history, culture and art at one place.

This also got me thinking about the Music Fest I had attended and that it has been many years and so time for a revisit.

Sharing below, some of the memories from the last live music festI attended at the Old Fort.

music fest

And, its also time to go back to the music fest… and create more some more music… of photography.

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