Reflections of Backpacking Europe

Reflections of Backpacking Europe is a Series of photographs that reflects how I saw Central and Eastern Europe while travelling there recently. 

I found it amazing that every time i looked around anywhere, i would find a beautiful reflection looking back at me. I won’t deny that after the first few shots, I, in fact, started looking around for reflections as the idea of a ‘Reflection Series’ seemed interesting. 

There were times, when I would physically be present with my friends but mentally looking around for an interesting reflection shot.

I, with my three friends, traveled extensively in Europe during our month-long backpacking trip.  Here is the Reflection Series put in the order of our travel. The photographs and memories of Europe are many and so are the reflections, so sharing some of those here in this article. 

The sunset in Greece may be the last shot in the Reflection series but reflections of Europe will continue to stay with me till I visit the place again to create more memories and reflections

Reflections of Europe
The Battered Window cannot take away the Beauty of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of Tallinn
Enjoy the photos in Reflections series and let us know your thoughts!
Rebuilding the Ruins of Old Town in Riga - means2madness
Rebuilding the Ruins of Old Town in Riga
Reflections of Europe
Mystery Called Republic of Uzupis, Vilnius
Reflections of Europe
Historical Stones Being Reflected in Precious Stones in Warsaw
Reflections of Europe
Reflections of Sky turning the Windows into a Work of Art in Prague
Reflections of Europe
Reflecting over the Castle’s Beauty at Cesky Krumlov
Reflections of Europe
Reflection of the Vegetarian Burger found in Vienna – Bliss
Reflections of Europe
The Beautiful and Serene Lake Bled on Slovenia looking Picturesque in its own Reflection
Reflections of Europe
Sun Reflecting on Old Stone Bridge in Mostar
Reflections of Europe
Kravice Waterfalls looking Larger than Life in its own Reflection
Reflections of Europe
The floor of Old Town of Dubrovnik taken over by the Reflections of its Tourists
Reflections of Europe
Reflecting on the Old Town of Kotor over a bottle of Water… reflections backpacking Europe
Reflections of Europe
Athens Reflecting over its water at Piraeus Port in Athens
Reflections of Europe
The Sun checking its reflection in Sea Before Setting in Oia in Santorini

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