Republic Day – Memories Revisited

Republic day marks a very important part of my growing up years. Growing up in Old Delhi has its own charm. Traffic, curfews, unending sea of people, cycle rickshaws, laid back life, coexisting of various religions, colourful and abusive language made an integral part of it. And similarly, Republic Day Parade was also a major attraction. As kids, our routine was set on every 26th January. We got up early in the morning, bathe and get ready. The we would watch the Republic Day Parade on TV. Then, we would go on terrace to spot jet planes after parade. And finally, run to the main road to see the march-past and tableau live.

Republic Day used to be a festival which entire community, despite the religion, celebrated together. The roads were cleaned, there were carpets and benches on the sides for us to sit, elders of the community distributed candies and goodies. Another memory is few officers twirling their swords and sticks during the parade. And it always gave a feeling of accomplishment, year after year, if they would do this as they are passed you.

As we grew up and got busy with life and careers, these childhood memories got left behind somewhere. Also, living in Delhi has its own charm because of the various cultural events that keep one busy.

And then… got a chance to attend republic day parade

And then, I got the opportunity again to see the parade live from Rajpath from VIP zone and all the memories came back rushing. I kept clicking pictures and videos throughout the parade so as to capture this memory forever. And then I thought of sharing these precious moments with everyone. After all Republic Day belongs to all of us. Even though I am a year late in sharing the post, but its better than never sharing… right!

One more thing – these pictures may not be great work of art but are coming straight from the heart with an attempt to capture the pride of India in its true spirit.

Happy Republic Day… for many-many years to come. Long Live Republic of India!

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