Tallinn To Riga – Sightseeing through Baltic Beauty

tallinn to riga
Journey from Tallinn to Riga

The journey from Tallinn to Riga was so easy and smooth as if we are moving from one block to the next and not across borders of two countries. it was the day to move to the second location of month-long backpacking trip of Europe.

tallinn to riga

After spending two lovely days, exploring the heritage of the city and experiencing local cuisines, it was day-three in Tallinn. It was the day of goodbye to this beauty with a promise to come back and spend more time here.

tallinn to riga

We took an early morning bus from Tallinn to Riga, so that we reach Riga as early in the day as possible and get maximum daytime to explore the city. We had booked the cab through local app – Taxify. It was quite convenient. This was the first time we  used a local app and were a little skeptical but there was no problem at all. The only issue we felt was that Forex card wasn’t acceptable for online payments. Using credit card for small payments is not a good option. There are conversion charges and huge convenience fees that is charged on international payments.

tallinn to riga

Time to bid Adieu

tallinn to riga

Since we had reached bus station early, there was no time for breakfast. We picked up cheese croissant and coffee for the road. I had local coffee of Tallinn – kohne kaav there and it was nice. Using WC was chargeable at 30 cents, but morning calls are unavoidable, only to later find out that our bus had an in-built WC. What a wastage… hahahaha!

Before boarding the bus, our passports were checked as we were travelling from one country to another. We found out that we had booked for a destination that was far from our hostel in Riga, so the bus conductor and driver were good enough to point this out and suggested that we should get off at the bus station closer to old town and our hostel. They assured us they will let us know where to get off.

tallinn to riga

We were travelling through Ecolines Bus. The bus seemed basic from outside. But inside there were individual TV monitors for each seat, a WC and a coffee vending machine. What a luxury it seemed!

From Tallinn to Riga… Here we come

The journey from Tallinn to Riga was a smooth one with good roads and beautiful countryside. The bus took a 15-minute break in Pärnu and with that we reached Riga Station in 4.5 hours approximately.

tallinn to riga

There are 6 ways to travel between Tallinn and Riga but bus seemed most convenient. Another good option was to take up the sightseeing bus and reach Riga by evening but we didn’t want to loose time in Riga. Its the capital and largest city of Latvia. Riga is also the largest city in the three Baltic states and home to one third of  Latvia’s population. The city lies on the Gulf of  Riga, at the mouth of the Daugava.

tallinn to riga

And before we knew, we were in Riga… and that is what next blog is all about.

The stay in Riga started on a dull note, but by the time we left the city, it had grown on us and we had fallen in love with it… Riga, coming soon!

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