Every Door has a Story to Tell

every door has a story to tell

Every Door has a Story to Tell… you don’t think so?

Even I did not agree with it till I visited Shekhawati region. So here, I am sharing my take and some photos here… Do go through the photo-essay and please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My Take on doors and stories…

During my visit to Shekhawati region in Rajasthan, I understood the true essence of this. While walking around places like Mandawa, Nawalgarh and Dundlod, I realised what it feels like walking through sparsely populated roads, opened shops full of products but no one to buy them, old people sitting together and chatting or playing cards. We have all seen similar sights abroad, but India is always buzzing with people and action.

On being asked, it was told that most of the rich businessmen moved out of the villages long back, leaving their havelis behind in the hands of caretakers. And, the others have had to move out to earn money to fulfill the needs of their families. The jobs in the villages are not enough to give employment to all. Thus, in most households, people left are old parents, young wives and small kids. And the women hardly step out. So while walking around these areas, you hardly see people. What is most easily visible are vacant hoses and havelis, doors and windows. and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Time to open the doors to stories…

Interestingly, despite all this the place still has an energetic vibe to it. It is colourful, full of life and vigour. therefore, it won’t be wring to say that there is something to Rajasthan that keeps the spirits of people always high. Shekhawati’s rich history lives through its havelis and their doors and windows. And each door has a unique story behind it, some easily visible and some need digging… but story there is for sure.

Photo-Essay on doors and their stories

  • entry door of house
  • door to business room in poddar haveli
  • entry door of haveli
  • golden door of mandawa
  • full view of haveli and doors
  • puppetry and door
  • haveli and doors
  • bedroom door
  • door with lantern
  • types of door
  • closed door
  • terrace door
  • closed door
  • mysterious door
  • intricate doors
  • door of history
  • door and windows
  • door of hostory
  • door and repairs
  • iron gate and door

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