Thessaloniki is Fun by the Beach

Thessaloniki in Greece was our third-last stopover of the Europe backpacking trip but Greece was the last country. We were having mixed feelings. We were happy to reach Greece but sad about the trip getting over soon. Past three weeks had been a roller-coaster ride across Europe.

thessaloniki beach

Checking into Tourist Hotel and Brunch by the Sea

We reached Thessaloniki in the morning around 10.30 am from Skopje and then took a cab to our hotel – Tourist Hotel. It was a very old building. The staff was cooperative so they checked in our luggage and asked to come back after an hour so they can get the room ready. We went for brunch near the sea at a busy cafe. We had cheese toast, club sandwich, smoothies and Greek coffee. The food was decent and coffee was okay.

Enjoying some quiet time in Hotel Room

Then we came back to the hotel and rest for a while as it had gone too sunny. After so much running around, we decided to laze around, pamper ourselves a bit. I oiled my hair after three weeks and it felt nice and relaxing.

thessaloniki beach

Exploring the Thessaloniki Beach

Around 4, we decide to go for a walk around the Thessaloniki Beach. The weather was nice and windy. People were cycling, running, walking, catching fish by the sea and some just sitting and Sipping beer.

Boat Ride in the sea in Thessaloniki 

We had ice cream from a lolly cart while we there, and then went for a boat ride on Arabella boat.

Entry on boat was free but had to take a drink. It was just lovely to be in the sea, watching sunset, good music playing, nice happy people capturing memories in their hearts and cameras.

Thessaloniki by the Beach

Once back, we kept walking around the beach. Its something that can be dome for hours without getting bored. Its just nice to see happy faces enjoying life to the maximum without any worries.

Thessaloniki Beach at the night

After that we all had veg dinner at Mado. We had spinach crepes and Malaya and soups. The lentil soup we had was quite nice. After walking around a bit more and exploring the town further we came back and slept as we had an early morning flight next day to Athens.

Historical Side of Thessaloniki

Being a Sunday, most of the historical places and museums were closed and we didn’t have another day to explore them. the only thing opened for public was White Tower.

thessaloniki white tower

But still, we enjoyed whatever we saw. Happy faces and lively people always make a special place in your heart.

statue at thessaloniki beach

Life around beach was my take away from Thessaloniki and I will cherish it for life. 

Time for Athens

Next morning, we took a cab for 20 euros to airport. As we reached airport, we tried to do self-check in but there was some issue and printouts didn’t come out. So, we went to the counter and then they checked our passports and gave us our boarding passes. I was lucky to get window seat.

For the first time, we had to take our luggage and deposit it at a different counter. Usually it’s checked in where tickets are given. After that we headed to the departure gate. That’s where our security check happened. It was strange to get checked in open as in India there is always a covered section for women scrutiny. After that we went to duty free shipping area, did shopping and got tea. Then we went to the boarding gate where our hand luggage was tagged and were asked to finish our beverages before boarding the bus that would take us to the plane.

We were among the last few to get in the bus. while I and another girl had stopped to finish our drinks, the other two went in the previous bus. As we reached the flight and got in, we didn’t see them and got worried and confirmed with Air-hostess if we were on the right flight. When she confirmed, we were relieved but still worried for our friends as they had left before us. Finally, when they came in, we were relieved to see them. Apparently, their bus had stopped midway giving way to another plane.  

Flight fun after a long time

This was our first flight since we flew to Tallinn from India. Despite being a no-frills flight, they gave toffees, coffee, juice and biscuits. For some reasons they didn’t give me biscuits, maybe because I was looking out of window. That’s the best reason I can think of! Hahahaha! Then we got on the 50 minutes flight to Athens.

It was nice to fly between clouds. From the flight, Athens looked huge and too cluttered with too many houses.

More on that in the next blog!


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