Responsible Travel Begins at Home

Responsible Travel is the need of the hour. With Travel becoming an integral part of people’s lives today and more and more people taking it up as a profession, one has to travel responsibly.

What is Responsible Travel

Responsible tourism simply means understanding the effect of one’s travel on the places visited and trying to make that effect a positive one. It is very important to be socially and culturally aware when you travel, and maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

The problem is that despite this being so simple, a lot of travellers don’t understand its meaning. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that make responsible travel seem like an extreme or unrealistic effort.

Planning for Responsible Travel at home

Therefore, the best way to understand responsible travel is to begin understanding it at home while planning the next travel.

Why not be a traveller in your own city and experiment a bit so you know exactly what to do when you are travelling, instead of experimenting. And who knows, you may get to know your own city a little better.

Do a thorough research of the place of visit. While researching about people, culture and environment of the place, also find out about hotels, tour agencies and other such initiatives that are environmentally responsible and/or have a sustainability program. Engage them for services. Use their products and help in giving back to society.

While internet research is a big support, do not forget to interact with locals to find out more amazing things that the place has to offer. Not everything is available online. Learning the local language will go a long way. This will also help in understanding and respecting place of visit.

Enjoy the place with the naked eye and soak in the beauty of place before capturing it through lens. What you see will remain with you for life as the camera may not always capture everything that an eye sees

Once you have practiced these in your own city and are comfortable, you are crossed the first hurdle of responsible travel. The list is infinite and possibilities endless, but you are on the right path to be a more responsible traveller.

And as you are ready to rock, just one last aspect of responsible travel beginning at home is left that will help you be successful on this journey – ‘Travel Light’! once you get this right, half the battle is won.

This will not only make your travel comfortable and budget-friendly but help you in adding to environment sustainability and giving back to the society. If you take less stuff you waste less. You also get to explore the city beyond the tourist attractions and explore local markets and buy local products. This helps in giving back to society as well as interacting with locals and getting to know the place better.

Happy Travelling… Responsibly

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