There is always Space for More in Sharing Autos

Space is never a constraint in sharing autos in India.

Many a times, you would find auto-rickshaw drivers sitting on one side and riding the autos. They ensure that there is space enough for one more person to sit and that means extra income. so much so, even when there is just one passenger, they would sit in one corner.

And the reason is…

During one such auto-rickshaw ride, I asked the driver the reason for this, he told me that he has been riding autos like this for past 7 years and gotten used to it now. In fact, he is so used to sitting in one corner that if he sits in the center, he feels that the alignment of auto-rickshaw goes for a toss and it tilts on right. And same is the story with most auto-rickshaw drivers who ride Sharing autos. Sharing or no sharing, this is their way of ensuring road safety.

I was quite amused by this and when I asked him if I can take a photo of him sitting like this, he wasn’t ready and agreed only when i told him that i won’t reveal his face.

So I managed to take his photo and an insight into corner seating of auto-rickshaw drivers in India.

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