Life Under Threat… on Streets

While walking around the streets, I came across a sight which perturbed me. This is something I had heard of, but saw it for the first time in broad daylight.

Early in the morning, a young boy was rolling a joint. On condition of anonymity, he let me click some photos. He also told me that it takes 15 minutes to roll a joint and its effect or rather the ‘high’ lasts for an hour. And the joint he had rolled wasn’t a small one.

Sounds fun and adventurous?

When I asked him what was he filling up, his eyes lit up and he said ‘maal’ like he was on an adventure spree. At this point, I didn’t know what to say to him r how to react. he didn’t even realise the path he had taken and where it would lead him in future

On the face of it, it may sound fun and challenging, but in the long run its not such a good idea. And this is exactly what this boy made me realise all over again. A joint as big as the one he rolled and its effect lasts only for an hour. Slowly it will stop affecting him and he will look for more dangerous things.

Wonder where he or more youth like him will stop? After all this not the way to suffer and bid adieu to life.

But the bigger question is the youth being introduced to such poison by the grown ups for some quick buck and that is where the change has to begin. This has to stop. Is anyone listening?

The youth should rather be introduced to things that give a ‘high’ without taking away the life. And the amount of money they spend on ‘maal’ can be utilised better and the country will flourish instead of money being centered in few hands.


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