Bond of a Lifetime

There are People and there are Experiences!

What is rare is when you come across people meeting whom is an experience itself. I came across such people and an experience when I met three kids while taking a walk around Hauz Khas Village in Delhi.

While walking around, I came across three kids, looking at the lake through the fence. the youngest was trying to climb up the fence so i asked him to step down. Once down, the three of them started identifying the birds that were flying over the lake. this intrigued me and i got talking to them.

The three of them were siblings with the girl being the oldest aged 10 and the boy who was climbing up the fence being the youngest at 4. the third child was a 6 year old boy. It was just amazing to sit there and see the bonding between the three of them and the listen to their conversations. What i liked the most was that all three were going to school and despite their poor financial condition, the parents hadn’t stopped the sister from going to the school.

Talent has no boundaries

They stayed close by and came to the lake everyday in the evening. And in fact they had picked up dancing skills by watching the dance troupes who would come there and practice. When I asked them to show what they have learnt, the girl very enthusiastically showed off her dancing talent.

The three of them got quite excited, when I asked them if I could click their pictures. they started posing.

The Bonding

The posing photos were not what I wanted so i asked them to play around and forget there was a camera. For most people, it is difficult to forget the camera but these kids were quite natural. once they got playing, they forgot everything around them and that is when I saw the real bond between siblings. The youngest was also the naughtiest and the sister indulged him lovingly, without losing her temper even once. It is a rare sight days

The three kids made my day and in fact it is a memory that would always bring a smile to my face in the times when people are otherwise becoming self-obsessed and losing all empathy towards fellow humans.


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