Kalkaji is the New Street Food Hub


Delhi is the hub for street food. Every locality has its speciality and people from all over come for it. But some areas, with time, have become the hub of street food in Delhi. Kalkaji, in South Delhi, is one of them. All kind of street food is available on the main street of Kalkaji and if the joints in by-lanes are also added, then one can have all meals outside home for more than a month and there will still be few left. So next time you are around, do come to Kalkaji and try few things. And you will realise this is just the beginning. By the time, you will finish eating these, more food joints will come up.

PS – Don’t forget to park your cars in the multi-level paid parking for smooth movement of traffic before enjoying the lip-smacking chaat or the dishes from the good old Chinese van, popularly known as food truck these days.

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