Floating Photography – Unbound and Unrestricted Creativity at its best

Photography is creating a stir, bigger than one can imagine. Conduct a photography workshop and you will know.

Recently I was part of a photography workshop where the participants ranged from tweens to senior citizens. It was amazing to see the turnout and the way all were comfortably interacting with each other, despite the age difference. The common binding factor being photography.

Grayscale Academy along with Ojas Art organised a portrait photography workshop at 1AQ. Grayscale Academy is a floating academy where the creative professionals take their knowledge to the people, who aspires to learn or even just understand the nuances of photography, in various places within the country.

And Ojas Art is a creative studio with an innovative approach to Indian art and presents the freshest ideas in the contemporary art space with a pronounced mission of presenting projects that are well researched and socially inclined.

When two such creative powers come together for a workshop at an equally inspiring location, people go back with a great experience.

It was an interactive workshop where participants, despite their age, had the fire to learn and excel in photography. Some people had taken to photography in the later years of life whereas others were learning as a hobby, and who knows may make a living out of it when they grow up. Whatever the reason, their passion for the medium was palpable and so was the energy in the room.

Today, the mobile phones and digital media has changed the way people deal with life and its good to see the mode of teaching also changing to keep up with times. Who would have thought of a floating academy a few years back where the course and location is designed keeping the participants’ requirements in mind and choose a place which is inspiring enough to let the gray cells work creatively?

At the end of the workshops there were many smiling and content faces with a resolution to implements the learnings of the workshop to better their photography. And that is an achievement when you feel that people go back a little wiser, a little more creative.

Looking forward to more such creative and cultural workshops which are not restricted by location and content but aim to introduce people to their creative side.

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