Whats in a name- oh everything!

everything in name

This article was originally posted in Wabi Sabi of Life

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”


This is one of the most popular lines coined by Shakespeare that holds true even today, in fact the importance of rose seems to have increased manifold. That’s why people do not share the name easily… what if the other person takes away the good-smelling rose. This nameless rose is usually the best kept secret.

Have you ever noticed while talking to friends, they avoid taking the name of girlfriend/ boyfriend when newly in a relationship or after breaking up? In fact, the only time they take the name is when they are comfortable in the relationship.

So how can we say- whats in a name? A lot is dependent on the name in relationships today.

Wonder why?

Well, I was wondering the same and so started researching about it. There is not much written data about it. So, most of the observations below are basis talking tom people and analysing the behaviour of people in (and out of) relationships –

  1. Before sharing the name, a person wants to be sure of the relationship. If the name is shared and the relationship doesn’t last, they become the talk of the town for the wrong reasons
  2. Sometimes, two people from the same group start dating each other and therefore prefer to keep the relationship secret among peers.
  3. Some people feel, taking the name may attract bad omen and the relationship may not last, so they avoid taking the name in public. Everyone has some secrets that they share once totally sure of each other and want to avoid a situation where the partner to get to know those through anyone else.
  4. Sharing the name means announcing one’s relationship to the world and it may change people’s perception towards lovebirds and they are always expected to be together. This may put a lot of societal pressure on a budding relationship and it may succumb.
  5. Some people feel that the people who have to flaunt their relationships are usually the ones who have reasons to be insecure about them.
  6. Maybe two people are together more for physical connect than emotional connect and do not want to reveal this aspect of their life to other people.
  7. What if your current partner is your friend’s ex… you definitely not share the name in such a case.
  8. And well, last but the least, the secret love is always more adventurous.

With online dating taking precedence and short-lived relationships due to various reasons, more and more people are avoiding disclosing the name of their partners.

After all these are the times of – Naam Gum Jayega, Chehra Ye Badal Jayega – so why take chance till very sure of the rose.

These are only some of the reasons and I am sure there would be many more, so please populate the list.

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