Lansdowne – in the Lap of Clouds

Lansdowne is best described as the land in the lap of the nature and if visited during Monsoon season, the clouds take over. They pamper the place to the extent that one starts envying it. The constant game of hide and seek between the Himalayan ranges, rains and clouds are a treat to watch. At times, it felt that they were avoiding Sun to be the part of the game.

During my recent visit to this natural beauty made me keep clicking pictures of this constant play. The sky changed every second. Sharing some of the captures here for you also to be mesmerised by Lansdowne in the lap of clouds and the constantly changing skies.

In fact, the game began when we were enroute to Lansdowne.

But nothing could have prepared us for the marvel that awaited us.

Still Want more… here it is to blow you away.

So, when are you visiting Lansdowne to witness the nature’s miracle yourself!


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