A Walk into the Heaven… of Life

When was the last time you took time off from life to experience a different facet of your life!


Don’t be.

What is the first thought that come to your mind when you look at the above image?

Does a sense of peace and inward calm prevail over you? Do you feel the need to leave whatever you are doing, take time off and visit this place for a first-hand experience of unadulterated tranquillity?

Well, I felt exactly the same when I first landed up at this place round the twilight hour. The place looked majestically beautiful.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

And being the full moon night made the transition into night too soothing. There was an innate feeling of peace in the picturesque surroundings of “Agyatvas”.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

Yes… this is the name of the place… so apt! The place is being developed into a meditation centre where people of all faiths and beliefs can come and spend time with nature and themselves. The place will soon start its membership program.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

If you are wondering how I found the place… so let me tell you that a friend introduced me to the place and the owners were gracious enough to let me stay there for a coupe of days. I was looking for a place where I could totally, well almost, cut-off from the daily madness and this was perfect.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

Agyatvas , as the name suggests, is a place with all basics taken care of but still be as close to nature as possible. The place has 4 mud cottages with attached bathrooms, 1 meditation room, kitchen, open-dining area and lots and lots of greenery and nature for company, almost in the midst of the forest. There are few teething problems, like any new property but soon they will be fixed. The owners are open to feedback and are working towards making it a foolproof place.

The best part is the place is not very far from the highway yet secluded and away from the madness called life.

The two days spent there with myself are enough to rejuvenate me for dealing with the stress of metro life. The caretaker there also let me cook my own food, which was therapeutic.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

He understands to let the guests be and still be around if needed. There were a couple of other guests at the property but all kept to themselves as everyone was there for same reason – to revive connection with our inner soul.

While I was there, it seemed that nature and the Gods were there to give me the best experience of the place. Being in the Kaladhungi range, around 25 kilometres before Nainintal, the place gives the best experience of mountains as well as forests.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

There was sun, breeze, clouds as well as well as the rains. And I had time to enjoy it all. I walked in the breezy weather, enjoyed the morning sun in the cool hilly weather, played hide-n-seek with moving clouds and got wet in the rains.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

While enjoying all facets of nature, geographically and weather wise, it just brought me closer to myself. There was no time or the need to think about anything. Even while I was not meditating, I felt one with my true self, some call it inner self, some call it superpowers and some call them God. The names and definitions can be many but the destination is one – A walk into the heaven called life!

heaven life agyatvas nainital

The only regret I have is missing the animal movement. Being close to the forest area during full moon time increases the chances of leopard sighting. We were told there could be movement and it happened, but I was deep asleep. Well no issues… there is always a next time. Maybe God wants me to visit again to have a rendezvous with the animals there.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

Though, the fact is that even if I had seen the Leopard, I would still go back to Agyatvas to rejuvenate myself whenever possible. Some places just call you and this was one such experience for me.

heaven life agyatvas nainital

I really hope the owners develop the place soon enough as per their vision of a meditation centre in the wilderness. And, also, qualify to become a member to be able to visit agyatvas again!


  1. Such a lovely view! This place looks really peaceful I have plan to visit in my province same this place to unwind and feel the essence of the nature lovely post!


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