Leave me Alone

leaves means2madness

While walking around hills this time and enjoying the lovely weather and lush greens, I was awestruck by a rotting leaf lying on a green leaf. Nothing great or unusual but the contrast in colour just made the two leaves create an interesting image.

And then I found myself focussing more on leaves instead of flowers. Interestingly, leaves are the primary way plants interact with the atmosphere and take care of their basic needs but the parts that gets prominence are fruits and flowers. Time to change that and not lets the leaves be left alone.

Most leaves I found were just lying on ground or hanging and rotting as if abandoned. The toll of nature, rains, and bugs around were quite visible on them. But even in this state, they looked quite interesting and I got myself clicking them available in all shapes, sizes, colors and discrepancies which made them more beautiful

And then I came across a tree fully draped by leaves sheltering it from the tough weather, like a mother, without worrying about its own tragic end. It just made a beautiful site and my newfound liking for leaves turned into respect.

leaves means2madness


  1. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. What a beautiful way of looking at leaves and engaging with nature. Lovely photos and beautiful write up

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