Hostel Culture – Delhi is the new travel destination

Tourism and travellers are not new to Delhi, nor are the hostels. But in the last decade, in fact less than that, Delhi has witnessed a change in the way travellers are looking at Delhi.

Delhi is no more just a transit for Foreign travellers as the flights into Delhi are cheaper. And the Indian Travellers have started considering Delhi as a travel destination.

So, what brought the change? Well, it’s the Hostel Culture that’s gaining popularity in Delhi Travel circuit. Delhi today is full of backpacking hostels and they are growing in numbers by the day.

Till a few years back foreign backpackers would be staying in cheap hotels and would move out in a day or maximum two. The only hostels available were Youth hostel and YMCA and one needed membership to stay there.

That’s no more the case. The new hostel culture in Delhi is on similar lines as the European hostel culture and like a dream come true for backpackers and budget travellers.

They are quickly becoming popular. They are not just meant for backpackers today, but people are also looking them as an alternative for long stays like a few months to a year. The professionals and students are looking at these as an economical stay options where they get to meet and interact with like-minded new people on daily basis, learn about different parts of the world and their cultures from the natives.

The hostels are also proving to a profitable business model. Every hostel today has a unique theme and its USP which runs across a particular hostel chain. The hostels are also helping in generating employments and various professions are mutually growing and promoting each other. The hostels organise events such as pub-crawls, history walks, food walks, music gigs, open mics etc. The online travel sites help in promoting businesses and break even easily.

All this has promoted Delhi as a tourist destination and people are including longer stays in their travel plans.

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