Off-Roading – A Sport not for the weak-hearted

OffRoading Sport not for  Weakhearted

During my recent visit to Pushkar Fair 2019, another added attraction was OTR i.e. Off-the-Road Experience. It’s a sport not for weak-hearted. Rough terrains, sand dunes, mountains, steep inclines, deep pits, uneven lands etc are the playgrounds for off-roaders. Here is a look for the uninitiated.

Though I have some experience of off-roading experience, thanks to my Dubai Trip and having professional off-roader friends, but an event with more than 50 cars participating was first time.

The event organised by Rajasthan Jeep Club started in the afternoon because the weather starts cooling down in Rajasthan as the day progresses towards evening. Once all cars assembled, we set off towards the playground of the day.

OffRoading pushkar

Since I wanted to take photographs, I was sitting in an open jeep. Though I was a big skeptical in the beginning that my camera may fall off the car, but I was sitting with a seasoned player and nothing happened through the journey. In fact he would stop and let me take photos too wherever possible. It was a great experience.

offroading pushkar 4wd

As the journey began, it felt like a powerful convoy of mean-machines on the move, all moving in a single line with one common goal – adventure!

Once they reached their playground, the fun began. As soon as all the cars arrived, they started playing around driving to unknown terrains and exploring. I got lot of interesting moments to capture. The event is a field-day for photographers.

When the adventure quotient went a bit down, some people decided to climb up the dune.

The good thing about such sports is sense of community. They always move together like a team and have each other’s backs. This I saw when some cars got stuck and the team came to rescue them.

Once people had their share of adventure, cars were rescued and sun started setting, they called it a day and we returned to the base.

offroading pushkar

But whats an event without a few candid moments.

The thrill, the Adrenalin rush and the feeling of power is my takeaway from the sporting event and already looking forward to the next.

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