Staying in a brand-new hostel has its charm!

Staying in a brand-new hostel, or rather a newly restored hostel, has mixed feeling.

On one hand it feels good to be using new or unused properties but at the same time one has to deal with the teething problems.

I had one such experience while staying in 12 Monks Hostel in Pushkar. I, with two more friends, were visiting Pushkar and booked ourselves in the hostel online. The property seemed nice, close to main city and budget-friendly. Little did we know that the property was inaugurated just a week back when we made the booking.

When we reached the 12 Monks Hostel, we were welcomed by positive vibe, colourful ambience and friendly hosts – Guneet and Shivani.

The hosts have retained the property’s old-world rustic feel and added the gypsy flavour to it, making the whole property very trippy. And the Trans-spiritual music adds to the whole ambience. One can spend the entire day sitting in the courtyard surrounded by nature and read a book over a cup of coffee or just sit there and spend time with self.

The property is very interestingly designed with different levels and layers. There are multiple seating areas where different groups can sit and relax without interference. The hostel has dorms with attached bathrooms and private rooms with a common bathroom. They had also pitched tents on terrace. For a new property, the hostel was almost full and digital marketing has a big role to play in that.

Guneet is a professional chef and loves to cook himself so the food in the hostel is also nicely done. Though we only had breakfast one day because there is so much to explore in Pushkar that we were mostly out during the day. Pushkar is one place which seems different time I visit and that’s what keeps taking me back to the city.

The stay was a comfortable one except a few teething issues which are borne to happen in anything new. The hosts were receptive to suggestions and feedback and ensured all will be taken care of before we visit again. The biggest issue is the washrooms as there are so many people using it so proper maintenance and cleanliness is important. Once that is taken care, 12 Monks can be one of the best hostels in Pushkar.

Hostel Culture has its advantages and disadvantages too. Its all about co-existing with fellow travelers and community living. But the basics have to be sorted for a comfortable stay.

Everything else is just right there. The place is an ideal getaway from busy city life.

Before winding up, giving you a sneak-peek into the vibrant place.


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