A Hale and Hearty Meal is a Rarity

hale and hearty cafe delhi review

What happens when you go to a food joint which serves food not just for your appetite but for your soul too. Well, you dream of the food, tell people about it and visit it repeatedly as much as possible.

This has exactly been the case with me recently. Since my friend Suman Doogar @nomadicshoes has introduced me to Hale and Hearty Café, I have already been to the quaint looking restaurant four times in two weeks.

I have fallen in love with Hale and Hearty Cafe. And why not? It’s a place where you can eat as much without feeling guilty about consuming too many calories. And be rest assured that you are having a balanced nutritious diet. Doesn’t that sound like a dream place.

burrata hale and hearty cafe delhi review

The place is like God’s gift to people like me who are foodies and yet want to keep a check on calorie count, a must being on the wrong side of age😊

The best thing which keeps taking me back to Hale and Hearty café is the fact that I can eat anything without worrying about calories, sugar, refined flour, preservatives and all such things that are termed as junk or unhealthy.

hale and hearty cafe delhi review

And they have an extensive menu… still a lot of things are left to be tried so that gives me reason to visit again, especially for their live Buffet on weekends.

Talking to the Co-owner of the place, Shivani Satija, who happens to be a Dietitian by profession, was quite refreshing. She attends the customers personally, understands their requirements and then suggest or create a dish which is best suited for the person.

shivani satija hale and hearty cafe delhi review

A small example is that they don’t have tomato sauce in the café. When kids come ask for sauce, they instead give Fresh Tomato Salsa. They claim all their food is free of refined sugar, refined flour and preservatives. They use a lot of quinoa and honey along with fresh fruits and vegetables. They also have quinoa cookies.

The owners Shivani and Mani keep experimenting with healthy food ingredients depending on season, for example they are experimenting dishes with Bajra, Makka etc being onset of winters in Delhi. Most of the fruits and vegetables are freshly cut and scooped right in front of you. They have an open kitchen so one can see the entire meal preparation.

hale and hearty cafe delhi review

If I say I like any particular dish more than other will not be fair because I have liked everything I have eaten till now and I have already many things on their menu and never been disappointed… another rarity.

hale and hearty cafe delhi review

So, for me, this place has everything bang-on including the ambiance, interiors, food quality, variety in menu, service time and hospitality.

hale and hearty cafe delhi review

The only issue is difficulty in finding a parking but that’s hardly a problem when there are so many things going for a place, especially guilt-free good including desserts.

hale and hearty cafe delhi review

Well, talking about Hale and Hearty Cafe has made me hungry yet again… so while you guys figure out your health plans, I am off yet again for another guilt free good meal.

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