La Latina – A place for good food and conversations

la latine restaurant delhi food review

Some places are special because they serve good food and some places are special because they provide a good ambiance along with good food which leads to good conversation over a relaxed meal.

La Latina Tapas Bar turned out to be one such place for me when I visited recently. The best part of that when making the reservations, we requested a meal without onion and garlic and when we reached, they had kept options ready for us in soup, salad as well as main course. And the dishes all tasted very nice. They hospitable staff kept telling us what changes they have made to suit our palette. They use a lot of green leaves and dry fruits but use them intelligently in form of sauces, condiments, roasts that you don’t feel the overdose of anything, yet the flavour is enhanced. I ate grilled asparagus and grilled plum with cashew-nut sauce and mango yolk for the first time. The combination gave a dish a new parameter with a little bit of sweetness, tanginess and just right amount of thickness to the gravy off the dish.

I am not sure if the dishes were authentic Latin, but they were nice. Apparently, the chef at the restaurant has been trained by a Latin chef who has moved on after setting up the place. And the preparations were different from other cuisines that I have had all these years, so assuming they are still authentic with a bit of twist to suit Indian palette and taste buds.

Enjoy the photos, while I explore newer places😊

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