Sitting by the Ganga

sitting by the ganga

Sitting by the Ganges is not an activity but a feeling!

The feeling of calmness that I get looking at flowing water is something I had forgotten since I moved back to Delhi from Mumbai a few years back. And it so happened, most travels off late have been to mountains, which also I enjoy but always felt something was missing.

sitting by the ganga german cafe

And then I went to Rishikesh for a day and instantly understood what I was missing all this while. When I sat by the Ganga near Lakshman Jhula early in the morning before the crowds set in, a feeling of calmness swept over me.

lakshman jhula rishikesh ganga

It seemed the time just stopped. In fact, I didn’t even realise for a while that I was shivering due to the cold and my teeth were clattering too. But then, it didn’t even matter.

Before I realised the time, I had been there for almost one-and-a-half hours. And then I went back to the hotel to spend time with my friends and go by the rest of the day which was also great.

We came back to Lakshman Jhula for breakfast at Devraj Coffee Corner German Bakery & Restaurant popularly known as German Café. One of my friends wanted to have Yogi Tea and the Mashed Potato there.

After a soulful breakfast at German Café by the Ganga, we explored the town before heading for a drive along the river. We stopped near the rafting spot at Shivpuri and had a lazy lunch.

sitting by the ganga

The late-night snacks at dhaba was also great fun. The dhaba owner was making the most of cold weather and rains. He was charging randomly from different customers, as per his wish. But the tea, sweet bun and Maggi was worth it in the middle of night and winter rains.

The one-day trip was quite fulfilling. On the way back to Delhi, we tried some different stuff, not readily available in Delhi. We had an alcoholic drink called Bro Code with more alcohol that beer but less that Hard liquor. To go with this, we had American style egg and Cheese subs from Subway that I haven’t found in Delhi yet.

I came back to Delhi craving for more and with a promise to myself that I will be back soon to spend more time by the Ganga. Because its not always the journey, but the destination, that too matters at time.


  1. Can’t agree more. I am a Piscean and water calms me. Do take a boat-ride across Ganga in Kolkata and you would get to see so much action on the ghats.


  2. If you loved the Ganga Aarti of Rishikesh, I would seriously recommend you the Ganga Aarti of Varanasi, it is a different world altogether. It is immensely spiritual and you become one with nature, with a feeling of calmness engulfing you.


  3. The Ganga is the star of Rishikesh. One can spend hours just sitting by its side watching it meander by and listen to its music. Your mention of Shivpuri brought back lovely memories of rafting in the swirling rapids, a once in a lifetime experience.


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