A Trip down the Food Lanes of Old Delhi

chandni chowk food walk

A person who had spent the first 25 years of life in Chandni Chowk, an Old Delhi Food-walk is like walking down the memory lane and reliving the food experiences that one has grown up with, hence a trip down the food lane.

chandni chowk food walk

When a few friends messaged about planning a food walk in Old Delhi, I promptly agreed. And when they shared the list of places to eat, I wanted to make a few changes but I let it go because for me living the old memories, spending some good time with friends and taking nice photos was the primary reason of going for the food walk.

chandni chowk food walk

Most people met near Sisganj Gurudwara and started the journey with some cycle-wali kachori-sabzi as the JB kachori Wala was closed, being Sunday. Though the kachori was nice but the list of places went haywire right at the top of the walk. This was followed by nan-khatai and Mama ke chhole- kulche at Nai Sarak. In fact there are many other places on the way but were not on the list, so the group headed straight for Shiv Mishthan Bhandar.

chandni chowk food walk

Shiv Mishthan Bhandar is known for bedmi-alu, jalebi and imarati. Nagori-Halwa was over by the time the group reached there. This is where I joined the group. I have literally grown up on the food of Shiv Mishthan Bhandar, so it feels sad when I see the quality has deteriorated.

The other signature dishes of Chandni chowk that were relished were Nagori halwa or halwa-mathri, daulat ki chaat, malpua, Lassi, stuffed nan- palak paneer at Kake di Hatti, Giani’s faluda and mung dal halwa.

By this time, the group of 15 people was too full and all they could think of was crashing on a bed. Any more experiment with food was out of question. So the next stop was Ved Prakash’s Nimbu-soda to help in digestion, or so it is believed.

old delhi food walk

Some people the group goodbye and headed to metro station and we headed to a place where we could sit for a while and chat and share the day’s experience. So, we went to Walled Cafe at Jama Masjid, a rustic building that has been restored as a restaurant. Since most people were so full and refused to walk, we took e-rickshaws to reach the cafe.

old delhi food walk

But that turned out to be not such a great decision as Nai-Sarak was Choco block and we would have reached faster had we walk.  There I had kahwa and I must say that’s one of the best kahwa I have had in my life… Totally recommended.

And after hanging around there for a while and light conversations, we all decided to call it a day with a promise to do a non- veg food walk soon.


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