Music Knows No Boundaries!

music knows no boundary

Music knows no boundary, geographically, emotionally and metaphorically!

Time and again, we have seen that Music brings out different emotions among people. Whether happiness, ecstasy, sadness, longing, sorrow, spirituality, trance or a feeling unique to listener – one gets totally engrossed. And that’s why music is often equated as gateway to one’s soul.

This defines the beauty of music because the art has a universal language. The techniques may differ, but the destination is same. And that’s why even when musicians from different parts of the world come together, play different instruments, speak different languages and have different connotation to music, they are still able to communicate through their music and before one realises, they become one.

In this series, we observe musicians from different parts of the world come together and create magic through their music. It is noteworthy to mention here that a few photos in the series are taken at Ethno India Camp 2020 ( where the artists were meeting for the first time, learning each other’s music – instruments and lyrics, and gel with each other like they have known each other for a lifetime. Nothing could stop them – language, instruments, food, economic status, preferences. They spoke and understood through their language of music and evolved together.

The photo-series captures the journey of musicians from different countries who break the physical boundaries and express their emotions through music and together attain the uppermost form of trance.

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