Riding Through Lockdown

riding through lockdown earth ride electric scooter
Picture Courtesy: Earth Ride

Riding through lock-down is not easy but the winners always find reasons to stride through tough times. The story of Dhairya Gupta’s Earth Ride is no different.

No Good Deed Goes Waste

The feeling when you realise you have made a difference in someone’s life for good is very fulfilling. Not everyone is able to give back to the society, but when one does, the feeling stays for life. And this is what keeps Dhairya moving ahead.

riding through lockdown earth ride helps youth
Picture Courtesy: Earth Ride

The electric scooter leased by his company, Earth Ride, helped in increasing the income of a food delivery boy and made his job less tiring which gave the boy more time and energy to prepare for his IAS exams. This is just one of the many success stories that make the electric scooters a preferred mode of transport. In fact the novel venture has been captured and appreciated suitably by people and Press over time.

The Modus Operandi

riding through lockdown earth ride dhairya gupta
Picture Courtesy: Earth Ride

As it is said, no good deed goes unnoticed and that’s the reason for Dhairya Gupta’s Earth Ride to be able to create a space in the over-saturated automobile sector in just nine months despite humble beginnings. Dhairya’s venture Earth Ride is all about adoption and making ownership of electric vehicles easier, but that’s not all. While Earth ride believes in increasing the income of vehicle-owner and help youth in giving an early start to work life, it also helps in saving the environment at the same time.

India’s population comprises of two-thirds youth but they, unfortunately, lack the money to buy a two-wheeler to work with delivery companies. Earth Ride provides ownership-based lease of electric two-wheelers to such individuals and enable them to become economically independent in a way which is not bad for the environment. Thus, the e-bikes are becoming a favourite among all food aggregator companies and conscientious corporate clients.

Dhairya Gupta claims that a petrol motorcycle when ridden just 1,000 kms creates enough carbon dioxide as absorbed by 1 tree in a year, whereas his company virtually plants 32 trees every year by moving one rider from petrol two-wheeler to electric two-wheeler. That’s commendable to say the least and was also the need of the hour before coronavirus hit us and took precedence over everything else. As a result, Earth Ride too, like many other good ventures, has realigned its future prospects.

Earth Ride Post Lockdown

There initial plan for 2020 was to launch E-Bike Taxi Services. After the success of e-bikes in delivery sector, Earth Ride was planning launch E-Bike Taxi which would run between metro stations and residential and/or commercial complexes. To enable last mile commutes and increase adoption of public transport systems. But the current scenario has made him relook at the launch because it is a capital-intensive business and thus will have to be postponed for a while now so the company is seeking investments and customers. Earth Ride sees an uptake in grocery deliveries and are in talks with companies in grocery deliveries.

riding through lockdown earth ride dhairya gupta
Picture Courtesy: Earth Ride

Dhairya Gupta is not deterred by the unfavorable turn of events because he knows that the demand for environment-friendly commuting options will only rise in times to come, especially post-lockdown. Last mile delivery business will only grow as people will avoid going to crowded market-places. He is only preparing because he knows the current unfavorable phase too shall pass.

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