The Healing Raga

the healing raga means 2 madness
Picture Location: Ethno India Camp 2020 (

The healing raga, as the name suggests, is the music that heals!

What could be more apt in these troubled times when people are losing their sanity locked down in houses and hearing depressing stories from all around.

What is The Healing Raga

Akshaya Murali and Nitesh Rana understand the need for creating positivity among the people and are contributing in their own way to help fight the coronavirus pandemic through The Healing Raga.

They have founded The Healing Raga with the aim to use music as a tool to make people meditate and heal through it. Music and meditation are their passions which have helped them connect with their superior soul over time and now they want others, too, to experience the same magic and understand the power of music and meditation.

They believe that music is not just a source of entertainment, but it has a bigger role to play for the humanity. Its ultimate goal is to bring peace and spread oneness to all.

How did it all start

The Healing Raga is not just a venture or project for Nitesh and Akshaya, but a part of them that they have nurtured with love, music and meditation over the years

healing raga nitesh akshaya
Picture Courtesy: The Healing Raga

Nitesh talks about the project with passion, “The healing raga for me is very personal because the seed of the idea was music which was sown in 2013 in me when I started learning Hindustani Music. The seed sprouted in 2016 when I went deep into music and it started healing me. It gave me clarity of thoughts and that’s when I started exploring further. The final call was made when I realised that if this can bring change in me or heal me, then it can help others also.”

Akshaya’s story is also similar. Akshaya has been training in Classical Carnatic Music since childhood but the turning point in her life and music came a decade later when Meditation became a part of her life. She was set free. Her fear in music and competition were removed.

healing raga akshaya murali
Picture Location: Ethno India Camp 2020 (

She remembers, “I had started meditating after college when I felt absolutely directionless, unhappy about everything and worthless to live further. After years of regularly meditating, I finally connected to my inner self which gradually and eventually made me a person without self-doubt, boosted my confidence, learnt to make right choices and started loving my own flaws. And these developments changed my perception towards my music too and how I connected with it. It gave a purpose to my life and gave more clarity. It made me realize that art is not only to please others, but it has greater power to heal one’s soul.”

How Meditation helped Akshaya take her Music to next level

the healing raga akshaya murali
Picture Courtesy: Alexandros Charalambous

When meditation became a part of Akshaya’s life, her music journey also took off. At the age of 22, she became a part of an Indo-Estonian Collaboration called Naad Voim and performed at various prestigious places. Project Naad Voim is an experimental music project bringing together Estonian folk vocals and Indian Classical tribal music. Along with giving frequent stage performances, she is working on creating her own compositions.

And thus, was laid the foundation of her passion project

Meditation made Akshaya realise that everything in this world is energy, and when we elevate our energies, we elevate the consciousness of the world through our work. She also understood the connection between spirituality and music and why artistes should practice meditation and music together.

In the meanwhile, Nitesh had been brooding over the idea too for a while but it clicked when the two discussed and found that out their thoughts coincided. Both felt that music and meditation together have the power to heal the world, and thus began the journey of The Healing Raga.

the healing raga session
Picture Courtesy: The Healing Raga

Kudos to Akshaya and Nitesh for taking their passion of meditative music ahead, despite the tough times, and make it a reality at the time when staying positive is essential to survival for people.

Let the music and meditation help the world survive through tough times and make people tough enough to face the new world.

And let us end on a spiritual note with uplifting music, composed by Akshaya Murali to heal your soul.

Video Courtesy: The Healing Raga

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