Journeying through Life with Music

kartikeya vashisht journeying life with music
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I am happy exploring myself and taking it easy and slow. I travel with my music and come back richer every time in skill as well as friendships. Music is not just my profession; it is my passion. I am Journeying through Life with Music.

This is how Kartikeya Vashisht defines his relationship with music. He started learning music at the age of 10, when he was in sixth standard. His tryst with flute began when he bought it from a local fair and tried playing it on his own.

The learning Phase

He started learning Hindustani Classical under the guidance of Shri Sujit Mandal (Maihar Gharana) from 2006. And since then there is no looking back. He has honed his art under the tutelage of many maestros such as Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia and his senior disciple Shri Sameer Rao, Shri Tagaram Bheel (Moolsagar, Jaisalmer) and Dr. L Shankar. Living in Guru-shishya system helped Kartikeya understand music better and he learnt many new ragas. He has also picked up other instruments in his music al journey such as Rajasthani Alghoza (double flute) and morchang.

Now at 25, he still considers himself a student of music despite playing at some of the most prestigious music events.

I spend summers in the mountains and a few months every year around coastal areas creating music, meeting people and spreading music further through my students. For rest of the year, I perform in the festivals, jam with fellow musicians and travel across the world. He has also recorded a video for the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, on the World Heritage Day as part of their Viraasat Setu Festival. He feels very proud to represent India on World Heritage Platform.

Growing with Music

Kartikeya debuted as a solo musician on 22th April 2019. He played an ambient meditative alaap of Raga Hansadhwani.

Kartikeya Vashisht can definitely be a called a young achiever because even before turning 30, he has already performed in various cities all over India and countries such as Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, Dubai and Indonesia. He has been sharing stage with stalwarts of music fraternity and performed at festivals of international repute such as Raasrang World Flute Festival, Ranthambore Festival, The Sufi Route Festival, Raasrang World Flute Festival to name just a few.

He is also an integral part of various musical groups/ bands. He is closely associated with Trippy Sama, which is a world music project, bringing together musicians and dancers from all parts of the world. Their music reflects influences from Indian classical & folk as well as various other parts of the world. Kartikeya, along with Trippy Sama, released a new video on 24th April 2020.

I am a Delhiite and my family, friends, bands as well as my industry is here. Though I have performed in Mumbai but never stayed there. I am happy exploring myself. Maybe someday, I would shift to Mumbai but right now I am happy doing what I am. Music is an endless journey and it is only the beginning for me.

Music must go on

Music is important for Kartikeya but what makes him stand out is the fact that despite the lockdown, he has let his passion for music lead the way for himself as well as others.

Music is what keeps me going. And lockdown is the time I am using to enhance my skills. There is so much more to explore, learn, practice, hear, work on our skills and jam with fellow artists. This is the best time to heal people with music.

He has been constantly giving performances online and teaching his existing students as well as new students from various parts of the country as well as internationally. He is very active on social media because digital media is the need of the hour. He wants to use his music to give some solace and solace to people in the toughest times of pandemic. He has created music meditation videos for Sensei India, and jammed for CraftSutra, Big Band Theory and Musicians Digistage. He is also creating spiritual music videos and doing live sessions online to reach out to maximum people and spread positivity through his art, thus giving back to society in these coronavirus pandemic times. He recently organised an online concert curated by Global Space Safari to gather funds for covid relief along with an NGO.

Not many people play Alghoza, desert folk instrument from Rajasthan, India, but it is one of Kartikeya Vashisht’s favourites. He enjoys playing it and it’s a delight to hear him. He plays double flute comfortably and makes it look and sound very smooth.

Music has the power to uplift one’s spirit and soul. If you are also feeling the need for some motivation in the lockdown, hop over to some more meditative music from Kartikeya Vashisht.

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