On-Road with Off-Roading

Off-roading is not a sport in which people many indulge, but once a person experiences it, there is no going back either. India is still a very small market for such sports though off-roading/ over-landing trips have been, slowly and steadily, picking up in recent times.

social side of off-roading

Another important, but lesser known, fact about off-roaders is that they are responsible travellers. Since they are explorers and venture into the unknown, unexplored, unchartered and non-motorable areas, they have to be well-prepared in advance. They pre-empt situations and carry everything that could be needed on a trip, including the technicians if needed, to fix any breakdown along the way. And they also ensure that all trash generated on the way is disposed-off properly.

Inception of khalera knights

With this view of creating awareness about responsible tourism, along with promoting off-roading in India, Khalera Knights was formed by Himanshu Sehrawat, Mihir Patel and Gaurav Rana. Another project took shape alongside – 4wdTouringIndia – to popularize over-landing trips Pan India.

the team

All come from corporate background but wanted to take their passion for travel and off-roading to next level, so started Khalera Knights. While Himanshu and Gaurav are in corporate jobs with MNCs, Mihir runs his own business of servicing luxury cars.

Khalera Knights is a well-organised and professional group that gives various experiences. Team Khalera Knights has travelled across the country and also done few cross-country drives like Bhutan and Nepal.

offroading cross country

Khalera Knights group leaders have a high adrenalin rush which cannot be described in words but has to be felt. The feel when u throw up water and get back ice is something that has to be experienced, it cannot be told in words.

This is their way of exploring different places, people, lifestyles, cultures as well as environment of different places.

popularising off-roading and responsible tourism

Khalera Knights organizes off-roading trips, for all ages, which are full of adventure as well as create awareness about responsible travelling. They ensure they leave the nature as they found it without harming the ecosystem of the place. In a short span, they have managed to create a loyal clientele.

The team was in the process of finalizing a trip to Tibet this summer with 7-8 vehicles, called as trucks in off-roading lingo, with a team of 20 people approximately, including kids, young and old people who were all set to experience the adventure of off-roading with Khalera Knights. But it has been put on hold due to lockdown. Though a little disheartened, but definitely not disappointed, as it’s the call of the hour.

life in lockdown

life in lockdown

The team of Khalera Knights have decided to utilise this time to focus on working from home and create a kitty for future travels. Off-roading is an expensive hobby and to live up the passion one has to ensure a balance between work-life and passion-life. In fact, some of them manage work remotely while on the road to ensure both lives are managed perfectly.

Since travel and hospitality are two industries, which will be immensely affected by the pandemic and it will take a while before things get back to normal. Post-lockdown lifestyle changes will also have an impact on travels patterns and frequency. Khalera Knights understands this and is working on safety measures to be followed during post-lockdown travel. Since there are new researches and information being shared regularly, they are keeping abreast of all information to create a feasible plan by the time travel is allowed again.

post lockdown plans

Khalera Knights understands that by the time lockdown is lifted fully and people are allowed to travel, people will be travel-starved and would be raring to go. So they are realigning earlier travel itineraries to adapt to post-lockdown era.

Khalera Knights assumes off-roading to less populated and unexplored places will become big as people will stay away from usual holiday destination to avoid brushing shoulders with people so as to maintain social distancing.

And they want to be all set for the people to give them off-roading experience of their life, when they will need it the most.

Leaving you with some good memories and prepping you for off-roading till lockdown opens.


  1. You have captured the essence and passion both.. of off-roading.
    Kept my curiosity upto the end !!

    Khalera Knights.. looking fwd to your new travel plans to work around the Corona scare πŸ‘


    • Thanks Abhilasha… being an offroader yourself, these words coming from you mean a lot.
      And Yes… Khalera Knights are all set to take travel-starved people for the best journies of thir lives post lockdown.


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