When passion drives life

When passion drives life

The ever-positive and never-say-die qualities have been the driving force for the celebrated automotive photographer Bobby Roy and still keeping him in highest gear despite lockdown. Even when the world has come to a standstill, Bobby is utilising the lockdown time to do what he likes the most – creating visual stories for people and upgrading his skills, instead of sitting at home and waiting for the lockdown to be lifted and work to come in.


bobby roy

Bobby Roy, popularly known as The Canon Fan Boy on Instagram has a huge fan following which would be growing as you would be reading this article. But the journey hasn’t been an easy one for the Canon Brand Ambassador. After all, photography did not make it in the list of the professions that were looked up twenty years back. Despite that, for a person to take up his passion of photography and convert it into success despite double Masters in Commerce and Psychology and a cushy job definitely needs to be acknowledged.

All this never stopped Bobby from following his passion once he realised photography and writing interested him the most during his sub-editor job while in college. Then there was no stopping or looking back. He followed his heart’s desire and passion for visual storytelling and creating a difference through his work.

“The major hurdles that I faced had to do primarily with me making my parents understand what is it about photography that I absolutely adore so much. Also, the fact that ‘art’ isn’t quite valued in this country like other more “orthodox” professions. So, that is a challenge which, not only me, but a lot of others like me face on a regular basis.”

The fact that money doesn’t come easy in such creative professions is a big deterrent why parents do not want their children to follow such works. But, fortunately for Bobby, the overall response to the kind of work he does has been extremely amazing. Be it the clients that he has worked for/ with, or even otherwise, the overall growth and the response has been fantastic!


“I majorly shoot travel & automotive, commercially. So, for me, it was a means to travel the country (and abroad) and showcase, through my work, to the world, just how amazing my country is. Of course, through all the travel related assignments that I do, I am, indirectly or directly promoting tourism of the country. Or so I would like to believe!”

bobby roy automotive photography

Bobby firmly believes that ‘if you give your 100% to something that you really care about and you nurture it with all your strength, it will grow’. And that is exactly what happened with him eventually. It did take quite a bit of time, and he had to do a lot of odd jobs too, but all that became secondary once he understood and committed to the passions of his life.


life in lockdown

“Well, I wouldn’t be lying if I said, the lockdown has been extremely hard on people like me whose living depend on, among a few other things, travel. Now since COVID19 is a virus which spreads fast and through touching, of course, travel is the first thing that was stopped! And with that, the travel industry has seen a massive drop. Tourism has taken a huge hit. But, even through these tough times, I, and all the people from this industry are looking forward to a positive tomorrow. Now, whether travel becomes the ‘need of the hour’ or not, is where different people might have different opinions.”

bobby roy photography poeple of passion

He understand the gravity of the situation. Tourism as an industry has a huge potential. Ofcourse, because of the coronavirus, it has taken a massive hit, but eventually, with time, things will go back to as close to “normal” as possible. Practically, it isn’t really possible to travel and create pictures or visual stories, as he fondly likes to call his projects, but, that doesn’t mean, he has stopped ‘working’.

bobby roy automotive photography

In the lockdown, he has been penning down the kind of steps that he would need to take in order to keep this passion a self-sustaining one. A lot of things will change in the post COVID19 world.

“I’ve a few steps that I would want to take in order for my travel photography projects to continue. With the onset of this dangerous virus, the world is seeing a massive change and changes which we are seeing on a daily basis are things that would hold true for years to come. Like, for example, contactless terminals, or people shifting to online ‘offices’, virtual tours of places, etc. will quite possibly become the future, atleast as long as we don’t find a cure for the virus.”


people of passion

Based on all that, the future does seem a lot challenging, but Bobby is quite excited too to know what the future holds at the same time!

Bobby’s motto in life is ‘I’ve always loved travel & one can say, I simply wanted to give back to the travel industry as a whole. I really wanted to contribute and wanted to make a difference, no matter how miniscule it might be, through my travel photography work.”

And it won’t be exaggerating to say that he is fulfilling all his passions of visual storytelling as well as contributing to society and every hurdle, even a pandemic, has not been able to stop him. He has come out the winner.

More power to Bobby Roy and to enjoy his amazing and inspiring works further, do check out his youtube page and facebook page.  

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