When Passion Defeated Profession!

k harish in rehearsals

Profession and Passion are mere ‘Labels’ by the society. I have gone ahead and created my own labels, which suit me! 

A line that defines Kshatriya Harish Singh, popularly knows as K Harish, and his passion for life.

k harish on film set with nawazuddin sidddiqi

A young boy from Hyderabad had never thought he will ultimately find solace in his childhood passion for theatre after schooling in Science, graduating in Media, doing a course in filmmaking from NID and making films. Today he is a theatre-writer who acts on stage and in films, does voiceovers as well as teaches ‘soft-skills’ in colleges. Despite finding his happiness in theatre finally, he still loves to call himself ‘a confused artist’.

My passion was theatre and my profession in college was ‘FILM and MEDIA’. But over time, my passion took over my profession and defeated it to make me win it.

After experimenting with media and films, Harish decided to take the plunge and started a theatre society called ‘KAMAAN’ with the mission to promote FREEDOM of art through theatre, photography and films.

KAMAAN is his passion project and he has been working towards making it a movement since 2013, when he got it registered. It specializes in the traditional Indian theatre and also gets experts from western proscenium theatre as per requirement. The feedback to theatre group has been positive as over the years, more and more people have connected themselves to the society.

kamaan theatre team chilling out together

I started KAMAAN all on my own. But with time, KAMAAN became my family and is making ME! The biggest strength of any society is its people and KAMAAN team has stood the test of time and proven itself in the hour of need.

KAMAAN is a socially and environmentally sensitive group as they write and perform plays based on environment. Harish is popularly known for two Urdu plays written by him – Kachra and Jantar.

It has been one lovely journey since then. I have been working on and off in various industries both to sustain myself and ‘KAMAAN.

Harish has been balancing his passion well. He treats Theatre like a weekly job and works on other projects during the week to sustain himself and the group. During this journey, he also realized he enjoyed teaching and found it to be an amazing experience as it gave him an exceptional audience called the class.

He is a very positive person and took to Lockdown too positively. He leveraged the use of digital media and started a series called Lockdown Impro under KAMAAN to reach out to more people.

Interestingly the blog has been around for almost a decade and Harish used to sharing stories through the medium.

k harish book gokul

Over time he developed a character called GOKUL who became so popular that Harish published a book where the 27-year old character is sharing stories about his 8-year self. The book was received well and Harish is working on second part of the book.

His Lockdown Impro Series is quite a hit too. Every Episode of Lockdown Impro has a common object from and around your work-table as a thread. The initiative is very well received. Harish believes ‘Online’ rehearsals would be interesting in the post-Lockdown era, and thus is trying to work on a financial plan to the concept of ‘Lockdown Inpro’ forward.  Harish is trying to organize finances to sustain the interesting concept for a long time.

Interestingly, he has people participating from beyond India as well. A Sydney participant appreciated the concept and wrote, “This is the best project to let our minds come together from Sydney and think on a simple prop, given by Harish, in Delhi.”

And if that’s not all, Harish has used lockdown effectively to work on his blogpost as well and get back to writing for self.

Lockdown is already in unlock phase and soon we will get used to New Normal and Harish will also get busy with KAMAAN and future projects.

But the memories created will live forever with all, so leaving you with videos that will bring a dash of smile on your face and be a reason to stay positive when thinking of lockdown.

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