When spreading Positivity is the mantra of life

shifa maitra

What has been the most crucial aspect of coronavirus pandemic, along with taking all security measures and precaution, but very difficult to maintain?

Staying positive!

And that is where Shifa Maitra and her Smile India podcast on IVM podcasts have been playing a very important role. Shifa’s passion for spreading positivity helped a lot in keeping her passion project afloat. The podcast was launched in two languages keeping in mind the audiences across India

Shifa’s Podcast was launched just before the country was locked down due to coronavirus pandemic. A difficult time for the startup, but the ever positive Shifa not only kept herself positive but also managed to spread positivity among her listeners. So much so, that in two months of lockdown her podcast frequency was increased to three times a week from twice a week. She managed to bring smile on the faces of the people in back and beyond parts of rural India as well.

logo of smile india podcast of ivm podcasts

The idea of the podcast was always to share positive stories of people, but the content had to be adapted to lockdown situation last minute. The type of stories to be shared changed, the format of content changed but all this did not deter Shifa.

she made it a point to share good stories. When you hear about stories where an old father in UP is being delivered medicines withing two hours by police basis a helpless tweet by his son stuck in Mumbai, it rekindles your faith in humanity. And that’s what Shifa was doing.

Even though there was enough negativity and unrest in the country, and it was not easy to find positive stories in such a situation, she pulled off the podcast and has been constantly sharing positive stories.

smile india podcast covered in press

And this is where training of media industry came in handy where things change last minute but deadlines are sacrosanct, and so the shows must be put on air, come what may.

It is interesting to see when passion and profession are in the same space, yet you manage to differentiate between the two. This is exactly what Shifa Maitra has been doing for many years. Working in Media industry for almost two decades, she has been associated with various mediums, channels and production houses. In fact, she has her own agency too. Many a times she has had to do shows that are against her ideology of promoting positivity, but she has still done justice to her professional commitments and made shows like ‘Emotional Atyachar’ a huge success. And this is just one among her long list of accolades.

shifa maitra was the CD of emotional atyachar

Shifa has worked for radio, television, events, live streaming portals as well as digital space and understands what the youth wants. And thus, understands the way to present positive and inspirational stories to youth in a way they would be interested in. And therefore, started a Facebook page by the name – Good News Indians – in 2017. The page and content were well received and that’s what kept Shifa going to share stories regularly despite her busy professional life.

Good News Indians became a huge success and she was approached to convert it into a podcast. For Shifa, it was seeing her passion moving to next level where she could reach out to more people, so she agreed. Little did she know of lockdown then.

shifa maitra presenting smile india podcast

But as the saying goes, when you believe in something too passionately, things happen, and this was proven when her podcast became the mode of spreading positivity in the lockdown. We hope she continues to spread positivity for a long time to come.

Leaving you with Shifa’s positivity for now.

Stay positive and stay safe!

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