A Journey of Calling

samin ahmed filmy junction

It’s not often that you hear of a person finding his calling at a young age of 24.

Even though unheard, Samin Ahmed realised at the age of 24 that photography is what interested him. Finding his calling only increased his share of struggles because he had no idea about photography, but he kept at it and a decade later he created a space for himself in wedding and fashion photography.

Even though he has found his ground, the struggles are not over for Samin. Just when he felt he could breathe easy, lockdown happened, and he had to rethink about his life ahead.

Early Days

Samin Ahmed started working when he was 15 years old. After learning computers in class 10th at the age of 14, he became computer teacher at the age of 17 in an MCD school. In fact, the computer teachers were much in demand those days, so he taught computers at two different places in two shifts.

While growing up, he did many odd jobs. After finishing college, he also worked as a Supervisor with a high-end beauty brand for two years till the recession hit and he lost his job.

At a crossroad in his career and nowhere to go, Samin was one day visiting his cousin who was editing a video project. While standing behind the cousin and watching, he was intrigued and felt he can do it too and found it quite simple.

a journey of calling

Little did he know that this was the turning point of his life, even though his final calling was nowhere in sight then.

Next day, he joined the institute where his cousin had learnt editing. He went and sat in the class and when the faculty asked a question about windows command, which according to him was basic but no one could answer in class, he raised his hand and answered. And that was his introduction to Media world as well as his mentor Amitabh Pathak, with whom he went on to work on many projects after finishing the course. In fact, they still collaborate on projects more than a decade later.

After working with Amitabh Pathak on multiple projects, Samin decided to open his own video-editing company along with his editor cousin and another friend.

Even though the idea fizzled out, Samin retained the name of the company – Filmy Junction, which was incidentally coined by him only and so, was close to him. Earlier, while thinking of a name for their partnership, Samin had dozed off one day and woke up with the word – Filmy – playing in his head. He kept working on combinations with the word and came to the combination Filmy Junction which he liked. His family and friends asked him to check the meaning of the word – junction. Junction means a point of meeting of two or more things. Samin found the name apt – as it was a point of meeting for different people, their creativities, and energies. So, when the partners left, he kept the brand name and got the company registered under his name.

Finding his Calling

While working as editor, he met Rishabh Dahiya on a short-film shoot, the man responsible for introducing Samin to Photography, his final calling. They hit off together as a team and took a studio space in Gurgaon in 2010. Samin worked as editor and Rishabh as photographer. To establish the studio, they shot more than 250 portfolios in a year, some paid and some promotional. In the process, Samin also learnt nuances of lighting and photography. One day, they had a shoot lined up and Rishabh could not reach studio so Samin had to do the photoshoot. And that’s how his career as a photographer started.

In a short span, he became a sought-after photographer, whether weddings, portfolio or commercial shoots. He has shot with various celebrities from entertainment and sports world such as Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan.

His work was recognised and he became the official Catalogue Partner or Flipkart.

The Lockdown Life

His career as a photographer was on a high and was well-settled, and so Samin took the next logical step of getting married.

Little did he know that his struggles were not over yet. Like any other business, his photography career too has had its share of turbulences, but lockdown has forced him to rethink about his future.

In the current times when the photography projects are limited, Samin has decided to go back to his editing and graphics skills. As it is said, no knowledge goes waste, Samin has started taking up editing and graphics projects and creating a name for himself in the department of logo animation with Logo junction.

That’s not all, he is also using this time to help his wife create a cookery channel by the name – Kitchen story with Sumaira where she share authentic recipes of Purani Dilli as well as social messages.

Samin has always been involved in social upliftment of people through RWA Etihad Society Kotana Street and during pandemic, he and the NGO is distributing food and other essentials to the needy as well as sanitizing their neighbourhood to ensure hygienic and safe lives to all.

We too wish Samin Ahmed continues to do the good work and goes back to his calling for photography soon.


  1. Really liked the spirit and the message given by Samin. Time will never remain the same so we all have to prepare for the best and worst. Really liked the story and looking forward for more such inspirations

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  2. Wow. This mini biography is so inspiring. Lockdown has drained us all. Such stories from life really keep things positive and motivated. Trying out new ways are a sure help. And the way he is uplifting others life as well, is applaudable. Let us look on the brighter side. He is actually expanding his photography skills. ❤d it

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It is a great story of Samin and how he is overcoming the challenges of the lockdown. It has truly been difficult for many of us and we are forced to rethink our strategies on our businesses and passions. I do hope things get back to normal soon and Samin can take up photography again.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! It was really good to know the story of Samin. Its great that he found his calling finally and is happy doing his work. Yes, Covid is testing everyone’s patience! I hope things get better soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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