Humans are great in adapting!

When I read this line or the first time, I had decided that this is going to be the title of the blog on Faizi Khan, or Crazy Faizi, as she is popularly known.

faizi khan
Picture Credit: Mohit Dwivedi

A storyteller by passion, MCA by profession and an employee for six years – 2018 was the year when passion finally won and Faizi Khan found a new set of wings and took her Khayaalon Ki Udaan.

Both profession and passion are combined, this took me few years of my job culture span to realize it. Your profession needs to include your passion too, else life seems to be shallow, that only you know.

Time and again, its proven that as we grow older, we go back to our roots. The same has happened with Faizi too. While growing up, she has seen her father, Mohd. Usman Khan, writing and citing literary masterpieces to both the sisters and her mother, Naseem Usman, sharing some prose and poetry from her diary. And this combination of environment and languages of Agra and Shahjahanpur always attracted her.

crazy aizi walking through lanes of old delhi
Picyure Credit: Arun Bhardwaj

It took her a while and a bout of Dengue to reflect on her life. As she grew up, she had gotten busy being in a good role in the job, being a good daughter and many more formalities of worldly things. Dengue gave her a much-desired break from the world’s rat race. She started writing and exploring herself. Soon she realized literature and writing gave her solace and people too loved and accepted her new unconventional avatar.

Life is all about the small compromises that we make in our daily lives, that later on become big and eat us in different ways, but we fight with the compromises and be victorious, so I write and cite stories about those fights with daily compromises and adjustments, focusing on the core.

Life has been a rollercoaster for Faizi since she decided to become an entrepreneur, but she is not the one to give up easily or scared of hard work. She is always ready to learn and adapt to new things. She is confident of the choices she has made in life and, therefore, ready to tread the tough path to prove to the world that she made the right decision.

khayaalon ki udaan stage performance
Picture Courtesy: Khayaalon ki Udaan

The response has been really great! Before introducing any service or product of mine, I study and research about it for few months as people have trusted me and my work in a short span of time. I performed ‘Qalam ki zubaan by Faizi’ in seven states last year and it remains as a great memory. The awards given for my works in literature is a good memory.

Her best-selling workshops are Metaphoric storytelling, How to find your Ikigai, Brand Storytelling, storytelling benefits for dyslexic, The Hero’s journey (12 stages of a Hero) and Emotional Intelligence through storytelling.

faizi khan at a story telling event
Picture Courtesy: Khayaalon ki Udaan

While Faizi was still finding her ground, the world was hit by coronavirus pandemic and the life went on hold for everyone. But even this didn’t bother Faizi much because she believes that humans are great in adapting! She has turned the lockdown into an opportunity.

In 2020, she was planning to take her workshops to Nepal and tying up with other neighboring countries, but the lockdown has given her tie-up opportunities in Yorkshire and other European countries for her online workshops.

Earlier most of Faizi’s work was offline as she conducted storytelling and story-writing workshops and work as a motivational coach, but now she is learning the ropes of digital media. She has shifted all her works online and now expanding her works globally. She is busy exploring newer opportunities and adding newer services on her portal that people can utilize wherever they are. These additions in the venture will help her to stay in-sync with times as well as the new requirements of the market.

Faizi understands that her work will become the need-of-the-hour in the post-lockdown era because people would look for different ways to express their anxieties of lockdown and adapt to the new-normal. And Faizi feels writing is a great way to express your emotions and get clarity of thought. So, she is creating modules and coaching people to adapt to the new world order.

The stories that I write and cite are based on people’ lives, their struggle, happiness, victories, dilemmas and mostly written as a third person, so they feel a connect in them. Even if it is a 2-3 mins read, I want to put a message in it.

Despite lockdown, Faizi has turned 2020 into an adventurous year for “Khayaalon Ki Udaan” and now we are waiting for her upcoming book “Urooj” to be launched soon.

life in lockdown for khayaalon ki udaan
Picture Courtesy: Khayaalon ki Udaan

Wishing Faizi Khan and her unconventional venture path-breaking success so it becomes an example for people of passion to believe in themselves and take their ideas to the world.


  1. Faizi’s is an inspiring story and she must be a really inspiring storyteller. Adapting is indeed embedded in human nature and it is this aspect that accounts for the survival and flourishing of the human race. For those gripped by despair under the present circumstances, Faizi and what she is doing is a glowing example of turning a threat into an opportunity.

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