Taming the untamed aspect of responsible tourism

anshul akhoury

Sometimes it takes a while to understand your passion and take a plunge but once you do that, then there is no stopping!

Anshul Akhoury is an example for this. Anshul has been a writer since his college days and found solace in writing short funny anecdotes. But then life happened to him – tryst with engineering, BBA, jobs in travel industry and digital agency – till his love for writing rekindled.

Come 2017 and Anshul decided to take the plunge. He quit his job to pursue a career as a freelance writer. He has also volunteered with different organisations in Himalayas, promoted zero-waste travel. He feels his writing has improved with time and now he is a professional writer with a better grip on his work.

“Anything that you do for a living but it also gives you a peaceful sleep at night is passion and if you are good at it and grow in ranks within the system is a profession.”

Travel and writing both are close to him and he combined the two by writing and spreading the message of responsible travel among the masses over the years through his blog – Daily Passengerr. Reaching the right target audience is always a challenge in every industry, especially when you are working for a cause, but his unique and witty style of writing made him a writer to look out for in the space of responsible tourism. He makes the boring subjects also read-worthy to people by adding interesting anecdotes and experiences.

Till now the response has been good. His works have won awards and recognition on international platforms including silver in Outlook Traveller’s Responsible Travel Awards as best communicator for his work on waste management, climate change and human-animal conflict.

Anshul is a volunteer with Waste Warriors and does content management for their social media channels. Waste Warriors was founded in 2007 by Jodie Underhill. They remove single use plastic, spread awareness about waste management, promote composting for a better and responsible lifestyle. The group is present in Dehradun, Dharamshala and Corbett. Last year, they cleaned approximately 200 tonnes of waste from Dharamshala itself.

“It gives me credibility to reach a bigger set of audience on various platforms and ensuring that more people follow a similar path of responsible travelling.”

Even though it is difficult to make ends meet as a freelance writer, Anshul was doing great till lockdown happened. In fact, he had plans to expand his base by taking his work offline along with working in digital space.

He had some plans that would have given me the exposure among international audience. The new plan was to be executed in March 2020, but then the lockdown happened, and everything was halted. Instead of panicking, he worked on a new strategy.

“I restarted after improvising on my strategy. Instead of connecting with organisations on one-on-one basis, I started podcasting. This helped me reach the same people, but without travelling.

anshul akhoury with his camera

He launched his podcast on 23rd May 23, 2020 with Julie Kagti of Curtain Call Adventures. Since then he is podcasting regularly. In fact two of his most listened episodes on the podcast are with Green Ammo and Nidhi Iyer.

Anshul feels that there is not much time to create awareness about eco-tourism for post-corona phase. As soon as lockdown is over, a lot of people will start travelling and if they are not careful, they will end up destroying the Ecology and the beauty of the place that the lockdown phase has revived. 

Anshul has plans and he is working towards connecting with more local people who are interested in taking his thought of preserving ecological balance in their neighbourhood forward and travel less, unless the chore needs physical movement or presence.

the untamed bachelor on a travel escapade

This is also his way of giving back to society by helping local people, especially in rural areas develop new skill sets and move towards better living.

Kudos to the Anshul and his passion project for not being bogged down by the monster of lockdown but reinvent himself as well as help communities around him grow.

Keep growing Anshul Akhoury.


  1. I know Anshul personally and I know how dedicated working person he is. Loved to read about him and its great Nidhi that you covered about all these people in a detailed way.


  2. Lovely read. I think post covid responsible and eco tourism will gain more traction. We now need to be more conscious of our carbon footprint s


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