Sparkle in Love to sparkle at life

Roshin Mascarenhas

When was the last time you heard of someone taking a break from their career, when at peak, because they realise their calling is elsewhere?

Meet Roshin Mascarenhas who was at the peak of her career in 2015, leading the talent acquisition function in human resources for a leading media firm. Being the passionate person, she truly loved her job; but constantly had the feeling that something was missing, till she realized she had another purpose to her life.

The thought of helping the world through alternate healings kept coming to me time and again. I always knew that there is some power within me, which I can use to heal others and myself.

Along with her full time career in Human Resources, family responsibilities of raising two adorable sons and a marathon-like passion for running, a fitness enthusiast; she had completed courses in Reiki Level 1&2 and Angel Healing and was craving for more.

She just wanted to enhance her knowledge and soon she felt that that the universe too started working along with her and showing the way towards this life’s purpose.

She kept moving ahead steadily and gaining more information and resources around alternate healing, the powers of the mystical world, Angels, Fairies, Alternate Dimensions and Consciousness and the Power of Self Love and Love itself.

Roshin Mascarenhas

After reading books by Rhonda Byrne (Secret and Magic), I started experimenting with the law of attraction and the power of affirmations on my ownself; and was amazed to experience the magic that I had in me. That indeed our words and our thoughts in this present moment, creates the reality of our tomorrow.

Finally the universe introduced her to the self-healing techniques of Louise Hay – the renowned author and healer, who has compiled her teachings in the books like, “You can Heal your Life” and “The Power is Within You”. Her teaching of Self Love, has transformed the lives of millions around the globe.

Louise taught that Love is the most powerful feeling which can heal any dis-ease and transform this universe and mankind.

roshin mascarenhas

I soon heard that Hay House was conducting a workshop to certify “Heal your Life” practitioners for India. I enrolled for this course and finally got myself certified as a Heal your Life teacher, one of the turning points in my life. A week after returning from Jaipur after finishing this two-week course, I took the big decision to quit my corporate life and start my own self-healing venture called “Sparkle”


2015 saw Roshin take a break from her corporate life and focus more on the bigger calling of her life. Her supervisors and colleagues at work were amazed, but she was glad that finally she was following her heart with a lot of courage. She was excited and keen to share the message of the Power of Self Love, the Power of Positive Thoughts with the entire world. She was looking forward to share and teach the magic of how to #sparkleinlove.

roshin mascatrenhas

Though Sparkle, I conducted workshops on Laws of Attraction, Power to Positive Affirmations – How to order from the Cosmic Kitchen, Inner Child Healing, Mirror Work, Mindfulness Meditation – Living in the Now. I started conducting these workshops from my lovely home. Louise also taught that when the teacher is ready, the student will arrive. I started slowly having friends, acquaintance attend these workshops.

Roshin’s passion project started picking up. The response to her workshops was good and there were enough enquiries too. But after a few workshops and multiple interactions, Roshin realized that the world, or at least people in India at large, were not ready for this theory.

Religion still supersedes topics like Self Love or following one religion called Love, Inducing various chemicals as medicines is aceepted more than the power of Self Healing

While each of us humans do know that the inner voice in all of us is connected to the divine and all the knowledge to guide us in our life is that inner voice, the world was not ready yet to understand this in 2015.

Roshin Mascarenhas

This did not deter Roshin. It was time to put to practice all that she had learnt and stay positive. While she was going on with Sparkle, she got a job offer from a big corporate house despite a break in her career. In fact, this only strengthened her belief in power of positive thoughts further and go on with life. Soon she learnt to create a balance in profession and passion. She has been moving up the corporate ladder further and is one of the sought-after team leaders in the talent acquisition sectors. And simultaneously she consults on spiritual sciences, but only for a select audience who understand the importance of such studies.

Over the years, Roshin has seen more and more people are turning towards spiritual sciences for a more peaceful life in this otherwise fast and competitive world. They are understanding the importance of positivity, self-reliance, and inner peace. Its lately that the world is now ready to accept these theories. The recent lockdown has played a very important role in this and made people realise that they can not control everything around them but keep their thoughts positive for a long-term survival.

I believe everything on this universe is an energy and is a vibration. And collectively these vibrations are connected to a core which is the divine, the divine intelligence. Hence each of us humans are connected to each other, we co-create all the realities we create for ourselves and for this entire earth. Each thought each of us think; is a vibration we are sending into the universe and collectively these vibrations and energies decide the future for even our earth. Each of us are living a reality in the now which was created by each and every thought we thought and the words we spoke in the past. Every word, every thought is creating a reality for our future.

During the lockdown, the work-from-home and work-for-home kept Roshin very busy. The corporate dynamics have been changing everyday keeping all on their toes but despite this, Roshin understood her inner calling and always took out time to help people who came to her to help them connect with their inner self and not succumb to pressures of the lockdown. She has been helping people in her own way.

Our bodies have an intelligence and it does talk to the self. That each of us have the power to talk to each body part and ask what is the hidden emotion trapped in that cell which is giving that dis-ease. Louise taught that when an emotion in our body is not at ease, our body shows us that it is not at ease and displays it in the form of various dis-ease. Most of the dis-ease is around emotions of Resentment, Criticism, Guilt and Fear. These dis-ease can be healed through self-love. Self-love comes from Self- approval and Self-acceptance.

Roshin’s biggest learning over the years and especially during the lockdown has been that -Love is a miracle cure. It is a magic that we humans can work with. We all have this universal power within us. We can all heal ourselves and heal our earth together. Overtime with all the negative emotions and intentions of this human race for centuries, these energy fields of positive and negative is created on this earth. Everything on this mother earth is an energy. Hence if you give her negative actions, she gives back negative results.

We hope Roshin continues to spread positivity among people, during as well as post-lockdown because staying positive is the need-of-the-hour today but people who understand and can spread this are few.

Like any normal human being, I have always been seeking the true purpose of my life. Through sparkle I wish to spread this magic to more and more lives. –

Roshin Mascarenhas


  1. Very inspiring and motivating story of Roshin. I always believe in the power of positivity and law of attractionand saw the miracles happened because of them. Roshin’s story bought a smile on my face which was very much connecting with my past experiences with the power of Angels and sprituality.

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  2. Reading such journeys always inspires me. Thanks for sharing this positive post. And we all hope Roshin continues to spread positivity among people

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  3. At some time or the other everyone ponders over the purpose of life and its meaning, but not many pursue this seriously. It is inspiring to see Roshin continue this quest through self-healing and other avenues.

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  4. This is such positive post and really very motivating post. Glad to read about Roshin and Sparkle, there is no can’t word , it’s always can if someone wishes….

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