K Vijendra learns the art of Minding his Strokes

Profession is the one that will allow you to sustain your living and that will set an excellent platform to build upon your passion.

vijendra kannan

K Vijendra is a rarity who has learnt the art of balancing profession and passion early in life. Being an engineering and marketing professional has its own challenges in life but Vijendra balanced it with his love for exploring new places, cars, food, cooking, reading books, meeting new people, and capturing the moments.

He is a man who believes in living life to full and fulfilling his dreams even it takes 25 years, like in case of his visit to Eiffel Tower.

k vijendra at eiffel tower

And that’s not all, Vijendra has, over the years, become a certified Graphologist in Handwriting Analysis. His inherent nature of exploration led him to specialise in novel fields like Drawing Analysis, Fingerprint Analysis (Dermatoglyphics), Wristwatch Analysis, Logo Conceptualisation, Numerology (including Mobile Numerology), along with Handwriting Analysis.

k vijendra minds and strokes

He is also currently pursuing his long due passion of studying Astrology. Being fluent in multiple languages also helped in connecting with people well in the regions. He knows Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and can understand a bit of German too.

Passion is the thing that we always look forward eagerly to do and wake up every day. It is for me to enrich others’ lives by the knowledge I possess and, in the process, enrich my life too.

This does not mean he has moved away from his profession

He regularly updates himself there with research, latest developments in his segment, upskilling content related to his work. In fact, during the lockdown, he has not only worked on his professional upskilling but worked on building up on his passion and consulting for people.

Why Graphology

Vijendra’ s passion lies in enriching other people’s lives. In his quest to understand more about human psychology and the Why & How of people’s behaviour or attitude, he realised his passion in Handwriting analysis served as the base.

vijendra kannan

The reason Handwriting analysis drew my attention was because it is a no brainer gateway to the subconscious mind of any human being who can read and write. Almost all human beings aspire to gain knowledge, study in schools & colleges which allows them to write. Handwriting is a taught and we imbibe them over a period. However as we grow and upgrade, our writing changes over a period owing to the changes in our environment, the upbringing, kind of atmosphere at home, the people we deal at home and outside shapes our personality, attitudes and behaviour. This naturally affects our handwriting too and gives insight into the person’s subconscious thoughts.

Vijendra took to Handwriting analysis way back in 1999 in Pune with Mr. Milind Rajore, his Mentor who introduced the subject to him and taught advanced levels over a period of time. One of the reasons for Vijendra to start was to understand himself better – why things were happening in a certain way, why people were behaving the way they were and so on.

I never had the luxury of silver spoon upbringing and had a challenging childhood owing to financial challenges and environment at home. Once I completed my graphology course, I could relate with lots of things that were happening to me and in my environment, I got lot of answers to many questions that was lingering for a long time.

Vijendra is a self-made man. His parents come from families of many children with financially challenged houses. And he could relate to them and challenges in their lives from their handwritings. This also changed his thoughts, attitude and behaviour a lot over a period of time.

The Journey

k vijendra excels in graphology

When he started learning Handwriting analysis, he was away from home and could concentrate all his energies, beyond office, towards the study.

In my pursuit of trying to learn more about human beings, my first inclination naturally was towards Occult sciences, the age-old wisdom of our culture. Started reading books and magazines related to that, however I understood that it needs a mentor or guru to learn and needs lot of dedication, commitment, energy,  and efforts to master the art. So, when Handwriting analysis came my I grabbed it with both hands. The course fee was much more than what I could afford in those days when literally was running 2 houses from my earnings. However, I was determined to learn this science and go further deep into it. For next few weeks and months, I only focussed on spending on essentials and needs related. I had to save more to learn advanced sessions too.

Later, questions were asked, and eyebrows were raised as to why an Electrical Engineer wanted to pursue Psychology-related subjects. But probably that was the plan of his destiny. Initially there was hesitance, but once he started providing analysis and people started acknowledging his efforts, they were convinced about his abilities.

The response to this knowledge was extremely good and many of the days, the time was only spent in analysis of many handwritings consistently. To enhance my knowledge by supervising the graphology students’ learnings, I used to travel across the city of Pune just to be with them for few hours and guide them. As days progressed, I took responsibility of managing multiple groups from different areas in a non-mobile era. It was stressful to travel all across but the satisfaction I could see on faces of the students when they could learn more and confirm their analysis removed all the pains, I faced in attending to these students.

The lockdown

Coming back to circa 2020 and CoViD, it has not much affected Vijendra’s work as the physical written sample is replaced by scanned copies and the additional information can be discussed over the phone. Organising consultations through Video calls has been easy. People at the convenience of home can get their writings analysed.

Apart from that he is also being interviewed as the curiosity for these unusual streams is rising.

The Future

According to Vijendra, Handwriting analysis, Fingerprint analysis and other occult studies help people from different walks of life immensely. Be it a Student, Father, Mother, Teacher, Counsellors, Therapists, Businessmen or HR department of a company. There are numerous applications for all these wonderful tools.

k vojendra minds and strokes with students

I am on a mission to help at least 10,000 children and adults with the knowledge I possess and help them realise their potential, make suitable changes in their lifestyle and ensure their life and life of their near and dear ones are enriched.

Kudos to Vijendra for realising his dream despite all challenges and now being on a mission to makes life beautiful for as many people as possible and not keep this unique science to himself. We need more such people to make this world a better place to live.


  1. That’s quite a story! Vijendra seems like he hides many a tricks under his hat. I didn’t have much idea about graphology but seems like I learned something new today! Thanks for sharing


  2. I got to read a beautiful line by one of the ancient scientists, a man can be into several professions at a time and excel too if and only if he wants to do so. And Mr Kanan like many other proved it .I got to learn from your creative content.Thanks.


  3. That’s an amazing life story to follow. He followed his passion and made a living out of it. His journey is so inspirational. His choice of profession is also quite brave but he proved that you can achieve success if you give your best to it.


  4. That’s an inspirational life stor of an individual who knows how to follow his passion.

    Loved reading every bit of this piece which is awe-inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. If you are an achiever, you can achieve anything and everything if you want to. No matter what is your age, your career, your education. I liked the way he motivated himself and achieved what he dreamed about. Kudos.

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  6. Indeed! We need more such people to make this world a better place to live. He is multi talented. Good to know about the inspiring journey of Mr. Vijendra

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Reading about the journey was very inspiring. People often say that one cannot pursue their passion while continuing their regular work., But sir has proven them wrong. Really glad to have come across this article and his story.

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  8. Graphology is an esoteric domain and it was interesting to read this post. It is a great example of pursuing dreams while at the same time balancing your career and passion. It is always interesting to read and learn from others’ journeys.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Mr.Kanan, seems to have an interesting journey from an engineer to handwriting expert. I liked the way he kept his motivational level up and moved towards his goals. Kudos to him.

    Liked by 1 person

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