Traveling through lockdown with Pamela Mukherjee

Pamela Mukherjee

The pandemic has brought many sectors to a standstill, especially Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality sectors, and the predictions are that the road to recovery is still a long one. While we all understand the situation and discuss plans for their faster recovery, one section that has gone unnoticed is – the travel bloggers. Even though a small section, and maybe not a big contributor to economy in the conventional way, but one that became an alternate lifestyle and was growing steadily. Lots of people had or were in process of quitting their regular jobs to become travel bloggers. They were dependent on the money earned through writing, photographing, video-graphing and promoting tourism through their posts and influence on niche audience. The lockdown has suddenly brought everything to a halt for them.

Pamela Mukherjee

Pamela Mukherjee has been a travel blogger since 2016 sharing her travel experiences and inspiring others to travel. Though, she is a Marketing professional, she turned her passion for travelling into a full-time blog over the years. In fact, she has learnt new skills to grow her blog and give her followers better travel stories.


The lockdown has changed it all for her. In fact, she had to change her niche too to keep the blog live. So, let us get on the travel bandwagon with Pamela and time-travel through her passion.

What is your professional/ educational background?

I graduated from Burdwan University in Microbiology Hons and an IIM Lucknow and Symbiosis degree-holder in Sales. I have 10 years of experience in Marketing, Specifications, Customer Relationships, Business Development, Branding, Communications, Projects & operations.

How do you define profession and passion?

I have a 9-5 fixed job for my bread and butter and sustenance. My passion is my blog. This mostly includes my latest travel tales, showcased through food, places, people, culture, books and fashions. Over the years I have upskilled myself and now I create videos too along with writing and photography dedicated to documenting my daily lifestyle as Every Corner of World. I love to portray my images via a kaleidoscope of colour, as I always believe in vibrant colours, positivity and happiness. I am fortunate enough to be able to monetize my digital presence. I do value-based promotion and share my personal experiences via sponsored posts and videos. I believe in promoting quality over quantity.

What attracted you towards blogging and sharing your experiences with others. What challenges did you faced during your journey?

I grew up in a traditional Bengali family in Durgapur, a small town in West Bengal. I guess from childhood, travel was in my vain and I loved to explore my city in a different way. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I came to New Delhi for a job, with big dreams and big hope. As luck would have it, I got a job with a Hospitality group, where I learned everything I know about hotels, travels, foods, marketing, social media. This was also the time when I started chasing my dream for travel. Mostly I traveled solo and sometimes with a group or with family.

To jot down my experiences, my journey about different places and different cultures, I started writing. I believe in writing experiential content where I can offer the information based on my personal experiences.

Let me share an anecdote here. I kept the name Every Corner of World for my blog by choice. I know the proper term is Every Corner of THE World but, behind the name, there is a twist that people read or pronounce like every corner of – World, so World is more prominent and emphasize all the parts in it. You can sense that the name tells everything about my love for the places, the cultures, the unknown people, and foods whatever lies in the World.

When I started travelling, I faced many challenges. Stares from men to the point of ogling, uncomfortable train rides, starving without food, some people trying to be extra helpful, unsolicited advice, but all this dampen my spirits because for every challenge faced, there is a good story too. Strangers offering their berths in train, families sharing their food in train, taxi-drivers going the extra mile to make sure I reach safely. Overall, it has been a mixed journey.

What has been the response to the passion project?

Pamela Mukherjee

The response has been rewarding enough to keep me going after all these years too. My pursuers are probably the most faithful and excited individuals I could request. They have faith in my words and keep stock of knowledge from my first-hand points of view. Thus, I am totally dedicated to working together with various brands from whom they can benefit, as they know, I would never trade off their trust. So, for me to balance between my audience and brands is crucial and at the same time I make sure it would fit with my blog aesthetics, since my goal is genuine views and the trust of my audience.

Because of the aesthetic value that I bring through my work through my genuine  personal opinion I got many recognition from World famous brands and tourism boards like Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines Assam Tourism Board and Bodoland Tourism Board, Outlook Money, Air India, Holiday Inn group, Le Meridien, Carlson group, many hospitality chain groups, Uttarakhand Tourism, MP Tourism, Trover, Trell communities, Truecaller, Loreal Paris, Pantene, HP India, Style Craze, Mama Earth, Bio Derma, The Big Box, Fossil, Nykaa, Agaro, Lays India, Confluence, Bare Anatomy, Myntra and so on.

I have been selected as one of the prominent travel writers in India and my write up published in the Coffee Table book – Musafir by Nirvana Foundation.

How has lockdown affected the project?

I am fortunate enough to have profession and passion running simultaneously.  both ways in the phase of lockdown. My work-from-home routine gave me the opportunity to learn new digital modes to implement in future.

Initially, the lockdown impacted few projects. Everyone was trying to deal with the pandemic hence there were not many opportunities, so I used the time work on my weaknesses. Today, I am more patient and better prepared to deal with the uncertainties. I think, I have also become more generous towards others due to the lockdown.

I also used the time to connect with new brands and that groundwork is now paying off.

What changes do you plan to make to your blog and take it forward?

My content creation process is very versatile. I love to play with moods, emotions which gives my content a lively experience. The first step always is about the subject (place, food, culture, fashion, review) and its know-how process, so that my reader can easily relate with it. I always make sure that my content depicts the varied lifestyle experiences that I have. I also try to add colours with the help of my photographs or videos. So, in short, the consistency of my passion for travel, food, fashion is bonded with each other and gives the essence of relevancy.

Pamela Mukherjee

And, in the ‘new normal’, I look forward to capturing my experiences better with upgraded photography and videography skills so my readers can live a place through my experience.

How can the audiences reach you?

I am present on all the popular social media platforms and can be found in every corner of _ world.

Pamela Mukherjee

This is not just the story of Pamela Mukherjee, but most of the travel bloggers who are eagerly waiting to start travelling in the new normal and share their experiences with the world. Let us hope the life gets back to normal quickly for everyone and once again bloggers get to travel and explore the world… more responsibly!


  1. I really enjoy reading this interview and Loved reading about Pamela and her passion for travel.. And I enjoyed reading her blogs. Loved reading more about her here.

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