Redefining Passion-Puja Anjarlekar

Puja Anjarlekar

Puja Anjarlekar found her calling in spirituality in 2014. The revelation and journey has not been an easy one, but she did not give up. And that is the strength of following a passion and making it count.

Summarising Puja’s Life

Life for Puja has been full of turmoil. She started working since her school days to support her family. At that young age, one does not understand the concept of passion and takes up whatever work comes along and pays. Puja too started working for small events along with her school, way back in 2000 so that she could take care of her family.

Puja Anjarlekar

By the time, she completed her graduation, she was working full time and studying part time.

I started my career with selling tea n Laughing Cow cheese in those days. Then I moved on to work on events such as launching on Orange Mobile Phones, promoting Dating Apps, organising birthday events. I have also worked for BPO & KPO before starting my career in television industry as intern and gone on to become freelance Creative Director and work on interesting projects.

varun dhawan

With time, she had started enjoying her work and met a few friends who helped her to join Bollywood Television Industry and her work started getting recognised. Just when Puja thought her life was settling down and her work was being recognised, her life took another setback. In mid-December 2013, her mother fell ill and before anyone could understand and help her recover, Puja’s mother was gone on 8th January 2014. This complete shook Puja up.

As Puja was trying to come to terms with this shocking development, she met a friend who showed her the path of Spirituality.

Puja Anjarlekar

I have always believed in higher powers and energies and feel that there is a connection which, if I dig deep, will help in understanding my experiences and a different realm of life. That is when I decided to take the path of Spirituality. Practicing spiritual made me realized that I have to move on in my life and let go of things. It also gave me courage to move away from the constant fights at home. Today my sister and I own a beautiful home in Mumbai without anyone’s help, making our mother proud and smiling at us from the other world.

The journey on path of spirituality

It has been 5 years since Puja’s spiritual journey began. She learnt a lot of healing techniques which has help her to heal herself first, be centred and then heal others.

The response to her way of understanding and healing people has been good which gave her confidence and expand. More and more people started reaching out to her.

2019 saw Puja facing another setback where she fell sick and the Doctor mentioned that it is going to take two years to recover but this time Puja was stronger and not ready to succumb. With the support and help of her sister, Priyanka, her friends and the spiritual healing techniques, she sailed through and has come out stronger.

I always wanted to help people and my spiritual  journey helped me do that

Another love of Puja’s Life

Puja believes that path of spirituality makes one more accepting of passions that come in life. She is a foodie who loves to cook and eat as well.

In fact, she created an Instagram Page called FoodieSisterss where Puja loved posting photos of the food she cooked, baked and get-togethers she hosted for friends. She also loves making goodies and cakes for friends.

My mom always told me that food brings us all together and that is so true.

Life in Lockdown

I used the Lockdown, to work on myself, work on my healing techniques, learning yoga with my sister for support like always.

During the lockdown, all the impromptu and planned get-togethers just stopped. But her friends missed the lovely and asked Puja and her sister to cook for them.

Puja Anjarlekar

Lots of people in Mumbai stay away from family and asked them to prepare proper meals. And that is when FoodieSisterss’s business started blooming from just an Instagram page to become a passion business. 

puja anjarlekar home chef

Puja posted her weekend menu on her social media which garnered lot of response. Her sister and friends encouraged her to take enquiries, cook food, send samples to people and then slowly started delivering food on the basis of the orders received. She is now taking the love for food seriously and working on turning into a proper business venture.

puja anjarlekar travel

The lockdown has made me realize that one can be their own boss by doing right things on right time. I still do card reading, healing and now also a home chef. food delivering work. This also gives me flexibility to pursue my first love for media. I take up interesting projects and give my best there too.

puja anjarlekar

Puja’s motto in life is – Do not lose hope, be strong and fight. One can learn lessons from person and situation, and life get sorted. Say Thanks and Move on!

Wishing Puja, a very happy and successful life and may her spirit to live, learn and give stays forever!


  1. This is such an inspiring post, Puja is definitely a very strong woman with immense courage. She does not want to drown in pity and sorrow but believe in swimming through. Hardly matter how difficult the situation might look. Hats off to her.


  2. The saga of Puja and how she has emerged victorious is really very impressive and inspirational as well. It was fascinating to see her journey and how she heard her calling and got into spiritual healing. Life is indeed strange, we take a certain path, but fate has another path awaiting us all along.


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