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Off-Roading – A Sport not for the weak-hearted

During my recent visit to Pushkar Fair 2019, another added attraction was OTR i.e. Off-the-Road Experience. It’s a sport not for weak-hearted. Rough terrains, sand dunes, mountains, steep inclines, deep pits, uneven lands etc are the playgrounds for off-roaders. Here is a look for the uninitiated.

Pushkar Holi – A Tale of Two Cultures

Traditional Holi Celebrations in Pushkar Pushkar Holi is a great example of co-existence of two varied cultures – Rajasthan and Israel. During the winter months, one can find as many foreigners, especially Israelis, in Pushkar as the natives. And the festival of Holi marks the culmination of the co-existence of the two cultures. And that’s... Continue Reading →

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