For Prerna – Happiness she adds to people’s life with food is unmatched!

Prerna Jain Sugarbinge

SugarBinge has been adding sweetness to the people since 2016 because Prerna Jain, the person behind passion called SugarBinge, believes that the happiness she adds to people’s life with her food is unmatched.

Prerna’s love with food and cooking started as a child when she would be helping her mother in the kitchen and learn various dishes from her grandmothers. With time, the love for cooking turned into baking when her sister learnt baking. Since then, she has been baking nonstop, initially for family and friends and now for clients too.

The journey has not been an easy one for Prerna Jain, but she has stuck to it and made a name for herself with her good work leading to word-of-mouth publicity. She also believes in constantly evolving herself and used the lockdown period effectively.

Early Years

All through her senior school and college, Prerna believed that having a good corporate job is the ultimate career goal and one must put in hard work for the same. Everything else was just a hobby to de-stress you from the hard work one puts in to achieve professional success.

prerna jain SugarBinge

However, as she grew older and wiser, Prerna realised that, while getting that corporate job was still the ultimate dream for most of her friends, her priorities in life had changed. She understood the difference between profession and passion.

Passion is something you can think about even in your sleep… something you want to learn everything about even if takes years and years.

Prerna realized early in life that for her, profession had to be something she was passionate about, something she loved doing and would continue despite the hard work. she wanted her profession to be something that felt worth the efforts. And baking turned out to be that.

Getting prepared

Prerna has done her graduation in mathematics and loved the subject but soon her passion for baking took over.

I always thought during my college years that mathematics was my ultimate passion and baking and cooking was just a hobby. But soon I realized that the happiness I was adding to people’s life with my food was unmatched.

She realized the power of good food. If you make something delicious for people, the taste of the dish always stays with them. As the realization struck her, Prerna started investing in her skills and has been steadily upgrading her skills to keep up with the dynamic nature of the industry.

She has done an Intensive diploma from culinary and cake decorating school (CCDS), okhla and the course from School for European pastry, Mumbai apart from keeping abreast with the latest developments in the world of bakery. In fact, she used the lockdown in developing new recipes and new line of Artisanal products in the menu. With regular orders, she was not getting enough time to work on expanding her menu but post-lockdown she is ready with a new and more interesting spread or her clients to choose from.

The Niche

Once prepared with the required skill set, Prerna started SugarBinge in May 2016 soon after finishing her course from CCDS.

prerna jain

SugarBinge started with the vision to promote chemical-free and preservative-free cakes which are also eggless. Coming from a vegetarian family, she understood the gap in the market and constant struggle to find variety in eggless cakes.

prerna jain SugarBinge

Being a home-baker, who specializes in only eggless baked goods, the ratio of people you cater to automatically decreases. But for that matter I have been able to manage to reach the proportion of society who prefers eggless bakes over bakes coming from a kitchen that makes both the variety.

The growth has been slow for SugarBinge, catering to a niche market, but the demand has been steadily rising through word of mouth and social media and today SugarBinge has reached many people around Delhi who are looking or bakes that are eggless as well as chemical-free.

The Journey

Prerna knew her product was unique when she started SugarBinge. After all, she had been eating the cakes and bakes from local bakery cakes from childhood and was sure that the quality she wanted to serve her clients was totally different, even she had to spend little extra to get the best ingredients. She does not believe in cutting corners and use premixes or artificial chemicals.

prerna jain SugarBinge

For any homegrown food-business the biggest challenge is to make people understand the difference between store-bought and homemade. You have to make them realize where everything is made-to-order and fresh without any chemical additives and artificial flavours, the prices will always be different.

Life in Lockdown

For the first few months of lockdown, Prerna stopped taking orders understanding the gravity of the situation. she followed all the rules of the lockdown and stayed at home and avoided unnecessary travels for supplies.

She used the time instead to upskill herself and is back with bigger and better menu for post-lockdown era.

SugarBinge is back in post-lockdown era

It took time or Prerna to start accepting orders again in the unlock era. She had been getting many queries and decided to get back in action, but with all precautions of sanitization, hygiene packaging as well as delivery.

prerna jain SugarBinge

The lockdown/pandemic period affected all of us mentally, physically as well as monetarily, I decided to make the small gatherings and celebrations special or people in the troubled times.

As a safety measure and also to support small businesses, she has started sourcing raw material from nearby stores as far as possible.

And in the pandemic times, when people are preferring more home–based projects and small business to handle their needs, SugarBinge is getting favourable response which motivates Prerna to work hard and serve better to the society.

Prerna understands home-baking, as a concept, is always a mood-lifter as the home-bakers ensure people get the best quality products, where everything is customized according to customer preferences and liking and attention is paid to every detail.

prerna jain SugarBinge

Baking and cooking is Prerna’s passion and a space where she finds her peace. But what gives her bigger satisfaction is the final product that is created after discussing the cakes and customization with the client and keeping in mind the taste preference of each and every individual. The final product is different every time and Prerna loves the whole process.

A cake or a dessert might be small part of the celebration, but it makes the celebration even more special. The happiness and joy it brings to the celebration is what keeps me going.

 SugarBinge is just a part that makes even small celebrations special and memorable.

Prerna Jain –


  1. Prerna’s story is really very inspirational.
    Would definitely love to taste those amazing cakes and pastries.
    Would definitely give it a try.


  2. She is really an inspiration in today’s generation. Her passion and constant work makes her what she is today. Very nice.


  3. This is yet another inspiring story of a person following their passion. Prerna has blazed her own trail of success after finding her calling in cooking. Sugarbinge seems to be a powerful idea whose time has come.


  4. Indeed! Passion is something you can think about even in your sleep… something you want to learn everything about even if takes years and years. It’s lovely to read about Prerna’s journey. Will definitely going to order from Sugar Binge


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