Street Photography – Alternate Source of Income

With more and more people taking to photography and focus being street and portrait photography, it has opened a new avenue of income for people on streets, especially kids. The moment you walk up to them with a camera, their question to you is, “paisa do (Give me the money)”.

I had been hearing about this from lot of my friends but experienced it for the first time during a photo-walk with a friend in Chandni Chowk. I saw two you kids playing and the cute banter between them attracted me towards them. The moment I started clicking, they asked for money for food. so I told them, I wont give cash, rather feed them. But they insisted for cash, so I stopped taking the photo and walked away.

After a while, I saw the two kids suddenly running towards us. They had decided what they wanted and told us that we could click them in return of a packet of milk each. I was more than happy to feed them even without clicking their photos but they were too cute to resist, so i clicked just a few photos.

So we went to a milk booth but the man had run out of milk packets, so he offered buttermilk to which the kids readily agreed. As soon as they got the packets in their hands, their eyes lit up and they walked away happily.

I was also happy to have been able to feed them, which is any day a better option than giving money to kids. Who know who will snatch it away from them. At least now I was sure that they had consumed something worthwhile.

I returned home a happier person


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